Sunday, 10 October 2010

What a palavar!

I haven't logged onto my blog for ages - bad blogger, and I remember my password. After lots of fiddling I finally managed to get in but now I don't know if I'm logged in with my old or a new password. Probably have the same trouble when I next log in.


I've had a lovely weekend gardening. Better put some photos up I suppose.

Here's my garden looking quite nice in the October sunshine. I like this part of my garden, it always looks nice. I need to cut some of the plants back though, they're growing over the lawn. If the weather stays nice I will do this next weekend.
This is the other side of the garden and it's a bit more shaded. I had a huge Pyrocantha removed last year and now this area covered in thistles. So I'll need to get those out too. I'm not so keen on this bit of the garden, I need to sort it out I think.

This is the orchard. Haha, there are four fruit trees in here so I call it the orchard. It's also where the chickens live. They're not very happy at the moment as they have to stay in their runs. They usually have the run of the orchard, but they've destroyed all the grass as you can see. I've spent the last two weekends re-seeding so I can't let the girls out or they'll eat the seed. This part here was seeded last weekend and the grass is starting to grow so I'm optimistic about it looking nice again soon.

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Julia Dunnit said...

Hello! You have been busy in the autumn sunshine! We schlepped around Bristol Uni yesterday and today have been frantically preparing Marathon stuff....getting excited now!! I thought chickens preferred dirt...or is it you that wants neat standy up grass?!!