Monday, 11 October 2010

What a day!

Hmm, nothing is ever simple when you have children is it? I say children, mine are eighteen and twenty. Youngest DD is "studying" for A2s at the moment, if only she would study, I suppose at that age life gets in the way of school doesn't it? Maybe all kids should leave school at 15 or 16 and go back to it when they've grown up a bit.

My hands and hip are painful today because I did gardening over the weekend. Never mind, it's worth it to see a pretty garden. It will be pretty when I've finished! Heehee. I went to visit a friend the other day and she has a really pretty garden. She used to live along the street from me and she had a lovely garden then, she's moved now and has a smaller garden but still pretty. My garden doesn't have much colour in it, apart from green. I really must buy some plants which are going to give me more colour. A while ago I did a layout with 100 photos on it and used all photos of my garden. I must have some colourful stuff in there to have that many photos, but it's looking so bland at the moment. Earlier this year I threw some seeds all over the beds in the hope that lots of pretty things would grow, unfortunately I think the chickens must have eaten then as nothing grew. I'll try again next year.

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