Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hello again

Oh my goodness, I've left it ages again.

Well, I haven't blogged since January so lots must have happened since then.

Firstly, I did finish all the pages for my magnetic calendar and I'm really pleased with them. It was a lovely project to do and something which continues for such a long time. Usually when I make a layout it goes in an album (or gets tucked away to put in an album) and I don't look at it in ages. At least with the calendar I see it numerous times a day and it changes regularly.

A friend gave me a lovely iron easel stand as a present a while ago and I've started to put layouts in there for a while until I decide which album to put them in. I love the stand and it means that some of my work gets displayed for a while and can be appreciated.

I've made loads of cards from my scraps too, I now have a basket full. My scraps box still seems as full though, odd that! The other day I bought a magazine with a kit attached and as I was on holiday I put together quite a few cards from that too. I will post them here later.

Hubby and I are spending the weekend with my in-laws and although we're having a lovely time I keep thinking of what I could be doing at home. Gardening or crafting, gardening or crafting, hmmm, at least I don't have to make that decision. It looks as though lunch is going to be late, we were supposed to eat at 1.30, but we're still waiting for my sister-in-law and her family to arrive. Getting a bit hungry now!

(some time later)
Home again now. It's nice to be home, but I felt sorry for mother-in-law when we all left at the same time. I never appreciated how it felt to have children leave after a visit until eldest Darling Daughter went to uni two years ago. I really miss her and I hate it when she leaves after a visit home. I asked M-i-L if she still misses her children and she said she does, desperately! Her youngest is 37, so it obviously gets no better.

This was the first time we left youngest DD on her own. She's 17 and was fine about being left, I found it hard though. We got home to find the house still standing and her enjoying her freedom. Another first for me.

Well, back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. It's been a nice break and it didn't seem to go too quickly. That's not to say I'm ready to go back to work though. I enjoy my job, but I'm definitely a home bird. I never get bored at home, I can always find something crafty to do. There's loads to be done in the garden and next weekend is the UKScrappers cybercrop so I won't be out in the garden then.

I think that's enough rambling for one day. I hope not to leave it too long next time. So, dear reader, enjoy the lovely weather and I'll "see" you again soon.

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Cat said...

I always feel terrible when I leave my Grandad - it's sad, although I'm sure he's usually quite relieved we're leaving him in peace!

Did you enjoy the CyberCrop? It wasmy first one and I had such a great time!