Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's cold!

This weather is soooooo cold. Strange for the time of year. I suppose as it's freezing and we have had a little bit of snow it must be time for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas. I started blogging my preparations for Christmas and remembering Christmas's past over on My Christmas Journal blog. May see you over there dear reader.

Monday, 11 October 2010

What a day!

Hmm, nothing is ever simple when you have children is it? I say children, mine are eighteen and twenty. Youngest DD is "studying" for A2s at the moment, if only she would study, I suppose at that age life gets in the way of school doesn't it? Maybe all kids should leave school at 15 or 16 and go back to it when they've grown up a bit.

My hands and hip are painful today because I did gardening over the weekend. Never mind, it's worth it to see a pretty garden. It will be pretty when I've finished! Heehee. I went to visit a friend the other day and she has a really pretty garden. She used to live along the street from me and she had a lovely garden then, she's moved now and has a smaller garden but still pretty. My garden doesn't have much colour in it, apart from green. I really must buy some plants which are going to give me more colour. A while ago I did a layout with 100 photos on it and used all photos of my garden. I must have some colourful stuff in there to have that many photos, but it's looking so bland at the moment. Earlier this year I threw some seeds all over the beds in the hope that lots of pretty things would grow, unfortunately I think the chickens must have eaten then as nothing grew. I'll try again next year.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

What a palavar!

I haven't logged onto my blog for ages - bad blogger, and I remember my password. After lots of fiddling I finally managed to get in but now I don't know if I'm logged in with my old or a new password. Probably have the same trouble when I next log in.


I've had a lovely weekend gardening. Better put some photos up I suppose.

Here's my garden looking quite nice in the October sunshine. I like this part of my garden, it always looks nice. I need to cut some of the plants back though, they're growing over the lawn. If the weather stays nice I will do this next weekend.
This is the other side of the garden and it's a bit more shaded. I had a huge Pyrocantha removed last year and now this area covered in thistles. So I'll need to get those out too. I'm not so keen on this bit of the garden, I need to sort it out I think.

This is the orchard. Haha, there are four fruit trees in here so I call it the orchard. It's also where the chickens live. They're not very happy at the moment as they have to stay in their runs. They usually have the run of the orchard, but they've destroyed all the grass as you can see. I've spent the last two weekends re-seeding so I can't let the girls out or they'll eat the seed. This part here was seeded last weekend and the grass is starting to grow so I'm optimistic about it looking nice again soon.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hello again

Oh my goodness, I've left it ages again.

Well, I haven't blogged since January so lots must have happened since then.

Firstly, I did finish all the pages for my magnetic calendar and I'm really pleased with them. It was a lovely project to do and something which continues for such a long time. Usually when I make a layout it goes in an album (or gets tucked away to put in an album) and I don't look at it in ages. At least with the calendar I see it numerous times a day and it changes regularly.

A friend gave me a lovely iron easel stand as a present a while ago and I've started to put layouts in there for a while until I decide which album to put them in. I love the stand and it means that some of my work gets displayed for a while and can be appreciated.

I've made loads of cards from my scraps too, I now have a basket full. My scraps box still seems as full though, odd that! The other day I bought a magazine with a kit attached and as I was on holiday I put together quite a few cards from that too. I will post them here later.

Hubby and I are spending the weekend with my in-laws and although we're having a lovely time I keep thinking of what I could be doing at home. Gardening or crafting, gardening or crafting, hmmm, at least I don't have to make that decision. It looks as though lunch is going to be late, we were supposed to eat at 1.30, but we're still waiting for my sister-in-law and her family to arrive. Getting a bit hungry now!

(some time later)
Home again now. It's nice to be home, but I felt sorry for mother-in-law when we all left at the same time. I never appreciated how it felt to have children leave after a visit until eldest Darling Daughter went to uni two years ago. I really miss her and I hate it when she leaves after a visit home. I asked M-i-L if she still misses her children and she said she does, desperately! Her youngest is 37, so it obviously gets no better.

This was the first time we left youngest DD on her own. She's 17 and was fine about being left, I found it hard though. We got home to find the house still standing and her enjoying her freedom. Another first for me.

Well, back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. It's been a nice break and it didn't seem to go too quickly. That's not to say I'm ready to go back to work though. I enjoy my job, but I'm definitely a home bird. I never get bored at home, I can always find something crafty to do. There's loads to be done in the garden and next weekend is the UKScrappers cybercrop so I won't be out in the garden then.

I think that's enough rambling for one day. I hope not to leave it too long next time. So, dear reader, enjoy the lovely weather and I'll "see" you again soon.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So, here we are again. I seem to have missed out on last weeks WOYWW, I don't know how that happened.
Anyway, as you see the desk is still in it's new position. I've put bits of card (I have lots!) under the legs and it seems to have stopped the wobble.
I had intended to be crafty this evening and do the September page of my magnetic calendar, however I realised I have a governors meeting at school so I won't be able to do it. Never mind.
I have been crafty this week though. I made a pact to make some cards using my scraps of card and paper (I've mentioned I have lots) and I've made seven already. That's one a day, so by the end of the year I should be swimming in them and have very little left in my scraps box. That's the plan, I wonder how long that will last!
Anyway, dear reader, I'd better go and get ready for the meeting otherwise I'll be late.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm done....

....well almost. I'm not sure if the desk will stay here. I like it here but I can't seem to stop it wobbling. I'll have to do some crafting on it and see how it goes. I do like being able to get my machines on the small desk though.

This is where all my "stuff is stored, well that's not strictly true. It's where some of my stuff is stored, the rest of it is in the floor to ceiling cupboard on the other side of the room. It's easy to forget about all that stuff as I can close the door and I can't see it.

Then I decided to sort out my 12 x 12 card. I don't have a really good place to store it. I'd love one of those racks that they have in craft shops. I try to keep it all colour coded but it always ends up in a muddle.
This is just the pink card! How can there be so many different shades of one colour?

And look at all this yellow. I'm not even sure I like yellow that much. I daren't photograph the green because I really don't like green and it's embarrassing how much I've got. Better not tell Alison (she's my friend who does like green).

So, until I can get myself one of those shop shelf units, this is where the paper and card is stored. Please don't be fooled into thinking that this is all I have, this is one of three files.

So, dear reader. I feel I've made good use of my snow day. I'm off to cook a nice warming casserole for dinner now.


Here we are again, and it's snowing. If I remember, it was snowing last Wednesday. I've got a day off today, not because the school is closed, but because I decided it was too dangerous to go out. I had thought I may go in a bit late but the snow just keeps on and on. I think it's worse than last week.
As you see, my chickens don't seem too happy about the snow. I gave them some melon for breakfast and I'm going to make them some porridge in a little while. The worse problem in this weather is making sure their water doesn't freeze. It's no problem when I'm at home but if I'm at work I can't do much about it.

So, my workdesk! See the large jar of sweeties there? It did have wine gums in, but now it's got Chocolate Eclairs. I really must stop eating them.
I've been sorting out my craft room for a week now. It was tidy, but then I decided that I would rearrange the furniture today. I think I explained about the sofa situation last week so I won't go into that again. Suffice to say that I have to make room for the futon so a huge turn around had to happen. I've moved my desk in front of the fireplace, but it's wobbly so I may have to re-think this. If I get on, you may see the finished space later.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year

Sorry my greetings are a bit late. I can't believe we're already ten days into 2010.

Here's my layout for January, I hope you can see it. Thank you Julia ( for this LO, I love it. You may remember that I did a Magnetic Calendar In A Day workshop with Julia and Ally, the 2 Scrap Ladies ( and this is the first month obviously - doh! I did make a Christmas countdown layout which I used on my Christmas blog ( so I was able to use the frame for that, but this is the first month of the workshop layouts.

Well, I missed WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, again you can see it over on Julia's blog) last week, I had no excuse really as school was closed due to the snow so I spent the day at home. This was the view from my bedroom window on Wednesday, so not quite WOYW, but WOOMBW (go on Julia, work it out, Heehee).

It was lovely having an unexpected day off as I had loads to do in the house. I had visitors for Christmas then went to Ireland for New Year so the house was a mess, especially my craft room. It had been used as a bit of a dumping ground when the house was full of guests, so I'm having to do a big clean up. Not only that, but we're buying a new sofa (sometime soon!!!!!) and the futon sofa bed has to go back in my craft room.

I will tell you the tale of the sofa, if you know this already please feel free to skip to the end :-). We bought our three piece suite seventeen years ago and it's been really hard wearing when the children were young and has lasted us well. Until about four years ago when the springs in the sofa started to give. At first it wasn't too bad, but it gradually got worse until it was really difficult to get up ones you got into the dip that had been a comfy sofa. After a couple of years I couldn't stand it anymore so I decided the sofa would go and we would use the futon until we bought a replacement. I thought that it would be so uncomfortable that it would spur us into action, but no! Anyway darling husband and I decided that our Christmas present this year would be a new sofa, so things seem to be moving. Before we used the futon as a sofa it was in my craft room and visitors (or DH and I) would bed down in there whenever we had a houseful of guests. Well, as any crafter knows, My crafting goodies have taken over the space previously occupied by the futon - and more! I'm now going to have to rearrange and scale down so that the futon can go back in.

Well, that's my job for today, so I'd better go and get dressed and get on. So dear reader, until next time, take care and stay safe in the snow.