Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Look at this, I haven't blogged here since last Wednesday. I've been blogging over on my Christmas Journal blog, here

I've nothing on my desk to show you today, I've been busy wrapping Christmas presents and filling stockings so no crafting I'm afraid. Here are the stockings I've been filling for my darling daughters. I'm filling eight stockings this year, one of them is for me of course.

Most of the presents are wrapped now, thank goodness. What a job that is. I'm still only up to "D"s writing my cards. That would be "D" in the address book. It's not looking good for them getting there on time is it?


Sam said...

ha! Up to the D's? That's nothing - I haven't even started!!! ha ha!!

I do have plenty of cards ready to go though as long as don't sell them all at tomorrows craft fair.

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm just about to start on the..As, so don't fret! Stockings done, wrapping done? Good grief Jay, am seriously impressed!