Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Look at this, I haven't blogged here since last Wednesday. I've been blogging over on my Christmas Journal blog, here

I've nothing on my desk to show you today, I've been busy wrapping Christmas presents and filling stockings so no crafting I'm afraid. Here are the stockings I've been filling for my darling daughters. I'm filling eight stockings this year, one of them is for me of course.

Most of the presents are wrapped now, thank goodness. What a job that is. I'm still only up to "D"s writing my cards. That would be "D" in the address book. It's not looking good for them getting there on time is it?

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So late! I've had a productive evening cutting out Christmas shapes on my Cuttlebug for someone at work and I've only just been able to add my WOYWW.
My desk today was the kitchen table 'cos there's not enough room on the desk to make this.

Do you know what it is yet?
It's a star for the school nativity play, yes we do still do that at our school. My teacher wanted me to make a 3D star but I couldn't work out how to make the cardboard bend, so it's 2D and it will have to do. If anyone can do better they are more than welcome to try.
I have just had the best present. My Little Girl had just come in and brought me a bunch of flowers. I was really touched. I will take a photo and show you tomorrow.
Until then, dear reader, take care. Oh, if you want to read day 2 of my Christmas journal you can see it here:

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Follow on from 17 again blog train

Lilly at 17
I asked my 17 year old daughter to answer the questions I used yesterday on the blog train. Here are her answers:
QUESTIONS:My hair colour is....brown
My hair style is....long and wavy
My favourite brand of makeup is....Bourjois
My "fashionable" item is......what fashion item, I dress like a grandad
My favourite outfit Haight and Ashbury dress
My favourite colour
I drive a.....BSM training vehicle
On a Saturday I rehearsals or friends houses
On a Saturday night I work
On a Sunday I work
Monday-Friday I college
My best friend(s) is/are.....Bethany Hutchinson and Flo Taylor-Jones
My favourite place to go out is......anywhere with a view
My favourite subject at school is.....drama
When I grow up I want to be......Early Years teacher with Special Needs and drama therapy
My favourite drink is.....fanta
My favourite food is.....seafood
My favourite shop is......M Butterfly
I want to marry....someone who doesn't take life too seriously :-)
My favourite actor/actress is....Johnny Depp
My favourite band is....Beatles
My favourite TV programme is....Come Dine With Me
The one thing I want to do but can't insanely clever without trying
My most used mode of transport is a....bus, I live on Wilts and Dorset
If I had all the money in the world I would....
I wish I could family in LA more often
My favourite sport is......that was a good joke!
This fall I .......had the best couple of months
At Halloween I dressed up as .....a dead hippy
I recently saw ...New Moon and thought it was ........crap
I am reading .....another good joke
The big newspaper story this year is......Obama
The most dangerous thing I've ever done....
The furthest away from home I've ever been is......LA

Some interesting answers there. Maybe we should all ask our 17 year olds those questions, we may get to know them a little better. I wonder if she would have answered the second to last question if she hadn't known I would read her answers!

I have blogged my Christmas Journal, it's here if you'd like to look: