Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Woohoo! What is on my workdesk this Wednesday?

Isn't she lovely?

On Saturday I went to my local crop and a lovely lady who comes all the way from The Valleys in deepest Wales to crop with us had brought her with her saying she wanted to give her away *gasp*. Well, I couldn't let her become homeless so I had to bring her home with me.
The lovely lady from The Valleys said she'd mistreated my darling by leaving her on the floor of her craft room (guess where she lives now!) She seems very happy on the floor of my craft room and she is even happier when she's on my desk helping me to be creative.
We played for a while then we made some cards together. One was a birthday card for a little girl (which I forgot to photograph) and this one which I think will make a nice Valentines card.
Thank you lovely lady from The Valleys, I'm very happy.


Julia Dunnit said...

It was a good day to be at the Crop then. No really I knew it was and I'm sure Helen will be thrilled that you're so pleased - and using it!!

6p00d83453ea8d69e2 said...

Wow, she *gave* it to you?? Lucky you! I have one myself and they are fab aren't they??!

Sam said...

wow - you lucky thing!! I am sure that Helen knows that it has gone to a good home!!

Nikki said...

Lucky you on your newest toy
I also noticed you needed to know how to link so here it is

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helen miles said...

looks like it's already getting more love at your end, it's on a table for a start! i'm glad you can make use out of it and like jules said, you're doing me a favour by giving it a loving new home!