Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day 5 bloggging for Scrapbookers

First, an update on the slipper post from yesterday. I counted the slippers and there's 14 pairs. Look at these beauties, I had a couple of hours to spend in Salisbury yesterday while waiting for my darling daugher and...well...I just had to buy them, they wouldn't let me past the stand until I'd picked them up. Once in my hands, resistance was futile. Heyho!

I'm blogging prompt number 5 today as I didn't have time yesterday.
Mobile verses camera:

I recently went to a wedding and I started taking photos with the camera but realised they were far too dark so I swapped over to my mobile phone camera. See the difference?

My aweful windows make taking photos on my workdesk difficult as they create too much shadow.

All done for today.

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Tammy said...

How can a slipper fetish be so interesting? But it is and I don't even like to wear shoes!