Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

Preparations are underway. I have to be organised this year. My brother and sister-in-law are coming over from America for Christmas.
Last year we went to stay with them in Los Angeles. Christmas there was surprisingly similar to here, apart from the weather. Well, I say that, but it rained on Christmas day so what's new! The picture is of my sister-in-law's tree, it was lovely. It was about seven feet high and decorated beautifully. All the presents were wrapped beautifully too. Everything was in boxes and wrapped with lovely paper and huge bows. Not like mine, just wrapped up really!
My tree is usually about four feet high, I do always have a real tree and I do decorate it in co-ordinating bits and bobs. I like lots of candles and stuff around the place, I have little villages and nativity scenes and the like so the house does look nice - I don't know why I'm worrying really. SIL does go to town on Christmas though so I suppose the pressure's on.
I made my cake a couple of weeks ago, I follow my Mum's tip and I leave the fruit to seep in brandy for days I think I've told you that before. It means the cake is lovely and alcoholic - hic! The puddings are made and I've made three jars of mincemeat ready for the pies.
I've got a few of the presents too, not many but at least it's a start.
When I write it down it sounds as though I've got quite a lot done. That makes me feel better.

I doubt we'll have weather like this when the Americans come over. This photo was taken on Boxing Day when we went up to the mountains. It was a lovely day but blooming cold, Brigid wasn't very impressed with the cold, but loved the snow.

Well, dear reader. That's all for today. I'll update you with my preparations as we go along.


Mafalda Hopkirk said...

You're VERY organised, and you make your own food stuff too! I'm feeling way behind this year. Your family will love your home, don't worry, remember they come to visit you, not your tree!

RNBsmom said...

You are very prepared. I'm shocked! You make me feel very behind. I'm sure your visitors will LOVE coming to your home. Hi from Shimelle's class. Margie

Kathy M said...

I had a Christmasy blog post today too. Do you realized there is only 45 days until Christmas???

scrappyjacky said...

You sound pretty organised to me......the only thing I'm ahead on is presents....I buy and make them all year.....and this year I've been really good about making xmas cards through the year....have got quite addicted to them!!

Sian said...

What a gorgeous tree! My brother has just moved from LA after living there for 10 years..amazing place

Julia Dunnit said...

Don't forget though, that your sweet SiL is hoping to experience a different Christmas and I'm in no doubt that your house will look as lovely as can be, becasue everythingyou do shows you care.

dollysdreamings said...

It sounds like you will all have a fab time this year again