Sunday, 25 October 2009

Look at these.

Yesterday, my good friend Ally recommended this website to me - , and there are some lovely digital images on there. These are just some that I couldn't resist. I've just spent a wonderful afternoon colouring them in and I'm looking forward to turning them into Christmas cards.

I've got quite a few of my cards done now and when I've cleared the kitchen table I will display them all and take a photo.

I have started to soak the fruit for my Christmas cake and the mixture for the puddings is festering in a bowl to be steamed tomorrow. Hmm, I'm feeling quite organised. LOL

I can't see me getting much else done during this half term holiday, but what better way to spend a few days off than preparing for Christmas.

Lilly and I are going to Reading tomorrow. Lilly wants to buy her friend a birthday present. I may even start looking for some Christmas presents.

Right, I'm off to slob in front of the TV now. I'll watch Top Gear then X-Factor then Doc Martin. Heaven! Maybe I'll have a bar of chocolate too.

Bye, see you again soon.

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