Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Best Day

I have had the best day ever. The calendar workshop I went to today was fantastic. The 2 Scrap Ladies ( had worked really hard to make it such a brilliant day for us.

The calendar we made has a 12 x12 layout for each month of the year and Julia's husband had made lovely magnetic frames for us to display our layouts month after month. Julia and Ally had each put together a 12 layout pack which we could choose from for our calendar. The nice thing was that we didn't have to just choose Julia's or Ally's pack, but we could choose month by month which layout we wanted to pick. I think I ended up with six months from each ladies pack. The layouts were all so lovely, the most difficult thing was choosing which one to do. I haven't had chance to photograph the layouts I did yet, but I'll do that tomorrow and let you see them. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to buy the packs that we didn't do today, so I have another full calendar to make.

Added to that, we were given a Trick ot Treat basket full of sweeties, we had a game of bingo (in which I won another lovely pack of 12 x 12 paper), lunch was provided and was cooked and served by Miss Dunnit's boyfriend's mum, she was brilliant and kept us supplied with drinks and eats all day.

Ah! back to the birthday presents from yesterday. My "big" present from my darling man was a wooden garden bench, just what I wanted. I've no idea where he hid it, he wouldn't tell me. Maybe he's planning on using the place to hide more big presents! I don't think I'll put it out in the garden until next spring, it won't be nice enough to sit out I wouldn't think anyway. My little girl (well, not so little, she's 17!) gave me a lovely watch, it's really funky with an Elma Elephant pattered strap - it hasn't got elephants on it, but it's a coloured patchwork design. It's lovely.
Right, I'm off to do a bit of blog hopping before bed. See you later.


Jan said...

Happy belated birthday class mate (from Shimelle class). I see you have girls (chooks) too!! I love your WOYWW (is that right!?) the only thing is mine doesn't change much week to week (tut tut) and can see it changing less checking out all these FABBY blogs. Anyway I may have a go at that and see if it shifts my butt into gear.
Anyway hope you are looking forward to the class too.
See you on the boards


cant wait to see your calendar,
glad you had such a brill day

Carmen said...

Hi Jay - it was lovely meeting you on Saturday. Just discovered your linky on Allys blog :) You describe the day so much better than I did... think I may have got sidetracked by the cakes ;)