Wednesday, 19 August 2009


An unusual item on my desk today. I've been called up for jury service and I've got to fill in and return this form within seven days of receiving it. There's a warning on page one of the form saying that I can be fined £1000 if I don't return it in time or if I give wrong information. That's a really scary thought, if they're that tough before I even get there, What are my two weeks as a juror going to be like? I have loads of "what if" questions so I'm going to get myself worked up into a right old frenzy by October.
Anyway, the form is filled in and in the envelope now, so I'll be off to the post office just as soon as I've finished this post.
You may be able to see on the left of the desk is a small piece of paper. This is a sketch of a LO I intend to do after posting the form off to Her Majesty's Court Service. It's a sketch of a multi photo lay out I'm going to do at the next crop. I need to find a way of doing a lay out with 84 photos on - hmmm! Thinking cap on.
Right, off to the post office now.

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Julia Dunnit said...

I have a couple of friends who've done it - salisbury and winchester, perhaps you'd like to have a chat meet?
Anyway...enlarged your photo to get a sneak at the sketch. OMG! And what is that in the bag above - on the left of your keyboard?????