Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hmm, not a very good photo of my desk today. Here are a few LOs I did at the weekend at the crop, and as you see, they still have to be put away. My intention was to tidy up today and put these layouts in albums, however, my new phone arrived and that was that. The layouts are still waiting to be put away!

Why do phone manuals have to be so big but tell you absolutely nothing about using your phone? Is it just me? I know my darling daughters never open the instruction books for anything technical, but I can't be the only lady of a certain age who wants to know how to use her phone. I spoke to someone yesterday who'd had her phone for seven years, she didn't want to have to work out how to use a new one. Well, if the phone company will give me a brand new phone every year I will gladly take it. I just wish it didn't take me eleven and a half months to learn how to use it. So, I started by putting what I thought was the SIM card into the SIM card slot to find it was a memory card. Well, basically I spent the rest of the day searching the wonderful world wide web trying to find out why the phone wasn't working. Daring husband came home at 7.30 and had it sorted in a second. So, yes, I suppose it is just me. I shouldn't be allowed near anything vaguely technical. However, my new phone is gorgeous.

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Julia Dunnit said... too. I want to turn it on and have it work for me. After all, it's only about not re-typing your whole address book, making calls and sending texts..why shoudl it be so hard!!!!!!!!!! Love that you haven't put away from saturday - gives us mortals a chance to catch up!