Wednesday, 29 July 2009


No photo today, because I'm away from home. I did, in fact, do a little crafting in that I coloured in some images I'd stamped before I came away, but as I'm not at home I can't get any pictures on the computer - so, not photo.

I'm in London looking after my nieces, that is to say Lilly is looking after her cousins. She's getting paid for it but as she's only sixteen and they are 4 and 2 years old I really need to be here to oversee. It's been hard work, not least because Anna and Lilly have had a 24 hour stomach flu bug. So as well as looking after the babies, I've been looking after a very sick daughter.

Because Lilly had all the symptoms of swine flu I contacted the pandemic help line and filled in their on line questionnaire. I was very surprised when they said she "probably" had swine flu and should start a course of Tamiflu. After spending a few minutes panicking because I'm away from home and looking after someone else's children I pulled myself together and managed to arrange a local collection of the drugs. Well, the outcome was somewhat better than expected, when 24 hours later her temperature had come down, she'd stopped vomiting and was feeling bright enough to go clothes shopping - thank goodness.

I'm still amazed at how easily she was prescribed Tamiflu without seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis. I was very honest when filling out the questionnaire as, as an ex-nurse and a responsible mother I don't want to give my baby drugs she doesn't need, but it would be so easy for anyone to fill in that questionnaire with the correct answers and get a prescription. I think that's quite irresponsible of the NHS to have that system. Rant over.

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Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Jay...nice to see you surviving the mighty metropolis! So gladd to hear that Lilly and Anna are recovering. I couldn't agree with you more about the tamiflu...I would gues that a lot of people have filled inthe form and are now holding onto the tamiflu 'just in case'. And has anyone made it clear to anyone that it's only an effective treatment if you haven't taken it before? SO what happens to the fools that take it because they can, and then catch the flu? OK Rant over. Looking forward to seeing you on saturday!