Wednesday, 17 June 2009


This should probably be WNOYWW - the N being "not". You may see a small pile of card there, but they are not newly made. They are in fact Easter cards that I haven't yet put away!
So, unfortunately, not much crafting being done today. I've been to work, to the garden centre (to buy Mother-in-law's birthday present), to Salisbury to take daughter to the theatre, to Slimming World (don't ask!) and back home ten minutes ago.
I thought I'd do this now as I've got to go back to Salisbury in two hours to pick up daughter from the theatre, I can't imagine finding any crafting time today.
I promise to try harder next time.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it's not about necesasarily having something ew and shiny each week gal; merely to see waht's on there - after all, if it was a big reveal, that would be a pressure - and you know me!!

Angie said...

I look forward to next week .... maybe you will have time and mojo!No-one is worried whether you do or dont but when you do we shall enjoy seeing it. I certainly havent for ages ... til this afternoon.