Saturday, 6 June 2009

Today I went to the first Dunnit Crop for a couple of months, as it was John's birthday last month and we had all his family over I thought I'd better not crop.
A lovely day was had by all I think, I cetainly enjoyed myself and managed to get quite a few layouts done. When I say "layouts", I'm not sure if they are technically layouts. I took DD2 to a photoshoot a few weeks ago and I'm scrapping the photos. The album is really a glorified photo album and I'm not sure if the pages are too simple to be called layouts. The photos have to be the focus of the page as far as I'm concerned, and this applies to my scrapbooking technique in general. All my pages are simple for this reason. I really should start putting my work on here for all (well, for all I know lots of people may be looking!) to see. Maybe one day.

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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh they're LOs all right Jay, and stunning as usual too. Am jsut thinking about unpacking and adding finishing my bits; I enjoyed the day very much.