Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I hate cleaning the oven!

I couldn't see if my bread was rising when I peered through the oven door so I thought it must be time to clean the oven.

The first cleaner I tried was almost empty so I sprayed what was left in the bottle into the oven and went and had coffee with my dear friend Julia.

When I got home I found that hadn't worked. I discovered a tube of something in the back of the cupboard and tried that, it was so old it was solid in the tube. After applying some paste I also found in the back of the cupboard and finding that didn't work either I took a trip to Tesco to get some new cleaner. This one was bound to work, it said so on the bottle. Hmm! Well, not so. I ended up scraping most of the gunk off the door so I can now see through the window the next time I bake bread.

Anyway, onto a lighter note. I'm on holiday this week so I've been making some cards. I made these Easter cards.
This one was made with a lovely Penny Black stamp which I stamped then coloured and cut all the bunnies out and made this nice picture. I love those bunnies. I'm not sure if you can see the embossed greeting on this card, but don't you just love those cute little chicks?
I must give my friend Julia credit for these two cards. I card lifted them from a workshop we did recently.


**Leanne** said...

Great cards :)


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you are so noble to clean the oven...I'd have quit after the first cleaner didn't work! You were really on a mission!

The cards are lovely lovely.I like the bunnies too!