Sunday, 22 February 2009

Making cards

I've been busy making cards so I thought I'd show you some of them.

This one is for my friend Rachel who's birthday it was on Friday.

These next three were inspired by a card I saw on Deb's blog, here.
I hope Deb doesn't mind me putting a link to her blog on here.

Lilac Hen
I love this stamp, she's so like a couple of friends of mine. In fact one of them has just had a birthday, I wish I'd done this card for her.

Lemon Chick
This little chick is so sweet. I can see me using her loads. This is the first time I've used this stamp.

Princess Drama
I love these Stamps Happen stamps I've got a couple of them. They make great cards.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's back

So maybe I was just to eager or something, but it's back now.
time for bed.
Night night.

What's happened to my blog?

Hmm, not sure what's happened but my blog is blank - just like my mind I hear you cry. Well if it's still blank you won't be reading this and if you are, why can't I see it?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I hate cleaning the oven!

I couldn't see if my bread was rising when I peered through the oven door so I thought it must be time to clean the oven.

The first cleaner I tried was almost empty so I sprayed what was left in the bottle into the oven and went and had coffee with my dear friend Julia.

When I got home I found that hadn't worked. I discovered a tube of something in the back of the cupboard and tried that, it was so old it was solid in the tube. After applying some paste I also found in the back of the cupboard and finding that didn't work either I took a trip to Tesco to get some new cleaner. This one was bound to work, it said so on the bottle. Hmm! Well, not so. I ended up scraping most of the gunk off the door so I can now see through the window the next time I bake bread.

Anyway, onto a lighter note. I'm on holiday this week so I've been making some cards. I made these Easter cards.
This one was made with a lovely Penny Black stamp which I stamped then coloured and cut all the bunnies out and made this nice picture. I love those bunnies. I'm not sure if you can see the embossed greeting on this card, but don't you just love those cute little chicks?
I must give my friend Julia credit for these two cards. I card lifted them from a workshop we did recently.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Why I prefer multiple photo lay outs

I've just been over to read my friend Julia's blog (you'll find it here, I'd have a look if I were you). She says she prefers scrapping single photo lay outs and it got me thinking. I think prefer lots of photos on my lay outs and the reason is, if you look at the pictures below, my albums are really tarted up photo albums and I like to show off as many photos as I can. I don't use loads of embellishments, although I have drawers and boxes full of them! I prefer my lay outs to be simple and I like the photos to be seen.
These are all layouts I did for the recent cybercrop on UKScrappers, and as you will see, lots of photos have been used. I can't imagine how fat my albums would be if I did a page for each photo.
This is showing my brother getting a tattoo in High Voltage the tattoo parlour featured on the TV programme LA Ink.
This one is about my hobby. Surprise, surprise, scrapping!

And this last one shows us enjoying lunch on the patio and relaxing by the pool in LA on New Years Day 2009.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Oh My Goodness

This award was sent to me by my wonderful friend Julia, ( She always says such nice things about people, including me, but she's the real inspiration.
So who else inspires me? The wonderful Karen. I love her amusing tales about her cats. Did you see her minibooks? Wonderful work and so brave. This lady does the most wonderful work.
I don't get as much time as I'd like to blop (is that the word?) but these are the people who I look at when I've got time.
Thank you Julia.

Monday, 2 February 2009

It's snowing!

Wow, what about this weather? I love the snow, but I didn't like going out in it this morning. Our school was one of the few open in the area (head feels sorry for the parents who work!), but I did get sent home early as I live a few miles away. The journey wasn't too bad, but the worst bit was trying to park when I got to school, I usually park in the road opposite, but I couldn't make it up the hill, I just kept sliding down - scarey. I've just had a text to say we're closed tomorrow so guess what I'll be doing. Lilly went for her bus this morning but it didn't come, I didn't want her to get into Salisbury them not be able to get home again so she had the day off. Apparently one of the classes only had three pupils who made it in. I don't expect she'll be doing the journey tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Look at this.

I've been wanting to write directly onto a photo for some time now. I bought a book called We Dare You. It's full of fantastic work by some American scrapbookers. If you've not seen it, I would recommend it, it's fabulous. Anyway, there's one artist in there called Meghan Heath Dymock and she does the most amazing work. On some of her Lay Outs she writes on her photos, which I thought was incredibly brave. I was only brave enough to write on the picture itself, not on my face like Meghan would have but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. So what's the big deal? If it looked rubbish I could always print out the photo again, couldn't I?
What do you think?