Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm going crafting

I'm going to a workshop this evening, the first for ages. I can't even remember when I did a workshop last, I'm thinking it was a Christmas card one, so a good few weeks have passed I think.
It's the weekend, thank goodness. Another busy week at work and I'm pleased to have a couple of days off. Having said that it's not going to be restful. Tomorrow the family and I are going to Bristol to see the Ukulele Orchestra of GB. I'm looking forward to it but, as usual, I'm anxious about the journey. Sunday is our turn to money count at church. We've got that off to a fine art and takes almost no time at all - thanks to John's brilliance with numbers and spreadsheets and stuff.
I'm hoping to do some crafting on Sunday. I've bought the Mystery Kit for the cybercrop (coming up in a couple of weeks time on UKScrappers). I really do want to get on with it, I've got an idea of what to do it's just getting round to giving myself time to craft (and braving the freezing temperature of my craft room).
Well, I'm off now. See you later.

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Julia Dunnit said...

Enjoyed your company tonight Jay. For the journey, take a pad and pencil and see ifyou can come up with some card sketches!