Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Look at this, I haven't blogged here since last Wednesday. I've been blogging over on my Christmas Journal blog, here

I've nothing on my desk to show you today, I've been busy wrapping Christmas presents and filling stockings so no crafting I'm afraid. Here are the stockings I've been filling for my darling daughters. I'm filling eight stockings this year, one of them is for me of course.

Most of the presents are wrapped now, thank goodness. What a job that is. I'm still only up to "D"s writing my cards. That would be "D" in the address book. It's not looking good for them getting there on time is it?

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So late! I've had a productive evening cutting out Christmas shapes on my Cuttlebug for someone at work and I've only just been able to add my WOYWW.
My desk today was the kitchen table 'cos there's not enough room on the desk to make this.

Do you know what it is yet?
It's a star for the school nativity play, yes we do still do that at our school. My teacher wanted me to make a 3D star but I couldn't work out how to make the cardboard bend, so it's 2D and it will have to do. If anyone can do better they are more than welcome to try.
I have just had the best present. My Little Girl had just come in and brought me a bunch of flowers. I was really touched. I will take a photo and show you tomorrow.
Until then, dear reader, take care. Oh, if you want to read day 2 of my Christmas journal you can see it here:

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Follow on from 17 again blog train

Lilly at 17
I asked my 17 year old daughter to answer the questions I used yesterday on the blog train. Here are her answers:
QUESTIONS:My hair colour is....brown
My hair style is....long and wavy
My favourite brand of makeup is....Bourjois
My "fashionable" item is......what fashion item, I dress like a grandad
My favourite outfit Haight and Ashbury dress
My favourite colour
I drive a.....BSM training vehicle
On a Saturday I rehearsals or friends houses
On a Saturday night I work
On a Sunday I work
Monday-Friday I college
My best friend(s) is/are.....Bethany Hutchinson and Flo Taylor-Jones
My favourite place to go out is......anywhere with a view
My favourite subject at school is.....drama
When I grow up I want to be......Early Years teacher with Special Needs and drama therapy
My favourite drink is.....fanta
My favourite food is.....seafood
My favourite shop is......M Butterfly
I want to marry....someone who doesn't take life too seriously :-)
My favourite actor/actress is....Johnny Depp
My favourite band is....Beatles
My favourite TV programme is....Come Dine With Me
The one thing I want to do but can't insanely clever without trying
My most used mode of transport is a....bus, I live on Wilts and Dorset
If I had all the money in the world I would....
I wish I could family in LA more often
My favourite sport is......that was a good joke!
This fall I .......had the best couple of months
At Halloween I dressed up as .....a dead hippy
I recently saw ...New Moon and thought it was ........crap
I am reading .....another good joke
The big newspaper story this year is......Obama
The most dangerous thing I've ever done....
The furthest away from home I've ever been is......LA

Some interesting answers there. Maybe we should all ask our 17 year olds those questions, we may get to know them a little better. I wonder if she would have answered the second to last question if she hadn't known I would read her answers!

I have blogged my Christmas Journal, it's here if you'd like to look:

Monday, 30 November 2009

17 again Blog train

Over on a whole bunch of us have been following a blog workshop. As this is now finished some of us are doing a Blog Train. 17 (actually 19) of us are going back in time to when we were 17 - an awful long time for some of us, well me anyway. If you enjoy reading about my 17th year, click on the link at the bottom which will take you to Kate's blog. She will then link you to the nest person on the train and so on, you can follow us all if you like. So, dear reader onto 1970, enjoy.....

QUESTIONS: What was happening in my life age 17

My hair colour is.... Mousy brown
My hair style is.... Long, straight with a centre parting
My favourite brand of makeup is.... Don't wear any
My "fashionable" item is...... My flowery dress usually worn with a band around my head
My favourite outfit is..... Anything with flowers - Flower Power man!
My favourite colour is..... Brown
I drive a..... My mum's car when she lets me
On a Saturday I go.... Into town and drink hot chocolate in Wimpy Bar
On a Saturday night I go..... No where in particular
On a Sunday I go..... I stay in bed
Monday-Friday I go..... Work - as a cadet nurse at St Georges Hospital in Lincoln
My best friend(s) is/are..... Rosemary, Gillian (or Illianga Ickerpa as she was known)
My favourite place to go out is...... Cinema, pub
My favourite subject at school is..... You've gotta be joking. I hated school and left at 16 as soon as they let me
When I grow up I want to be...... A nurse
My favourite drink is..... Wimpy's hot chocolate
My favourite food is..... Kali and spanish (rainbow crystals and liquorice)
My favourite shop is...... I don't have one
I want to marry.... Roy Scott, we are engaged - hells bells!
My favourite actor/actress is.... I don't have one
My favourite band is.... The Kinks
My favourite TV programme is.... Don't watch much TV, I suppose Top of the Pops if any
The one thing I want to do but can't is..... I'm 17, I can do anything I want
My most used mode of transport is a.... Car/train
If I had all the money in the world I would.... I've no idea
I wish I could visit.... Egypt
My favourite sport is...... Sport! What's that? I'm 17
This fall I ....... turn 18
At Halloween I dressed up as ..... England doesn't do Halloween
I recently saw ...(movie) and thought it was ........ I haven't seen a film in ages
I am reading ..... Haahaa, I gave up reading when I gave up school
The big newspaper story this year is…. John Lennon marries Yoko Ono and The Beatles split
The most dangerous thing I've ever done.... I went on the back of a boyfriends scooter, scarey
The furthest away from home I've ever been is...... Bournemouth
So, off you go now to 2001 where you will meet Kate, here.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Well, here we are again. Wednesday's come round really quickly don't they? I made this card last night for my Little Girl's best friend's birthday. I had the idea of cutting out her name from the front of the card and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Thank goodness it was Beth's birthday, not Florence's! I'm not showing you my whole desk because it doesn't look much different from previous weeks. Julia's desk, which can be seen here if you're not visiting me via her blog,, is lovely and tidy. Mine, on the other hand, is not. To be honest, I can hardly get in my craft room at all, it is such a mess. I think I'm going to put all the Christmas stuff away 'cos I'm not inspired to making anymore cards. Alan Titchmarsh, on the tele, has just said it's 31 days to Christmas. Lovely! So, it looks as though some people will be getting bought cards this year. I'm going to a card making marathon run by the 2 Scrap Ladies on Sunday (see here, so some will be made there.
I've not been feeling brilliant for the last couple of days, you know the feeling, just a low grade 'ickyness, nothing specific. I've felt nauseous, dizzy, shaky and a bit wheezy. Well, this morning on the way to work I realised my vision was going a bit fuzzy. It was a bit worrying as I was driving along the A303 at the time. Thank goodness I didn't have far to go until I go to work. The headmistress gave me one of her migraine tablets and sat me down until my eyes had come back to normal, then I was sent home. I popped into the chemist to buy some of the tablets and the lady told me they may make my sleepy! I got home and lay down on the sofa and that was it for about three hours. One minute I was watching Homes Under The Hammer and the next David Dickinson was Bargain Hunting. I'd love to know who bought the run down old house and what they did with it. Well, the sleep was obviously what I needed because I feel much better now.
So, dear reader, I'm going to check out some more WOYWW desks

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well almost. I spent the afternoon in my craft room. It wasn't terribly relaxing as I was making an advent box for my niece. You can see it here Last year I made about ten of these boxes, all made with 24 match boxes, so a bit of maths, ten boxes made from 24 matchboxes each containing at least 50 matches, what's that then? About 12,000 matches! On top of that I made the advent boxes with my after school craft club, so that was another ten, making about 24,000 matches. How to dispose of the matches was interesting. I didn't want to just put them in the bin in case they went on fire. Someone suggested cutting all the ends off and giving them to someone to make models from, I'd still be there cutting I think. In the end I put them on the compost, I was worried if they ignited they would set fire to the shed, but a friend told me that a little moisture would stop them going on fire. I waited for a wet day and tipped them all in. It seemed to work, the shed is still there and when I turned out the compost later in the year they had all disappeared so I suppose that was probably the best solution.
So, dear reader, that was my Sunday. Back to work tomorrow, however my big girl is coming home for the night so I'm looking forward to that. I think I can count of one hand the amount of nights she's spent at home since she went to uni and I don't like it. I miss her so much.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


The last three weeks have not been in vain, Shimelle will be pleased to hear. I've just set up another blog! I am going to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas workshop again this year, I started it last year and only got up to about day 17.

Having just completed Shimelle's Blogging For Scrapbookers workshop I decided that this year I would blog my Christmas. The photo above shows a bookcase with my mini albums and circle journals on, I don't think I need any more at the moment otherwise Santa will have to bring me a bigger bookcase.

Looking back in my archives, I did blog some of my JYC pages from last year. I had to smile when I read that I would try to, not only scrapbook, but also blog my Christmas from 1st December to 6th January. Heehee, I managed to get to day 13 on my blog.

Well, better luck this year. So, dear reader, if you would care to take a look at my Chistmas Journal, it's here:

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Wednesday again, are we there already?

As you can see, not a lot of crafting has been going on this week. On my desk is a pile of prompts from Shimelle' Blogging For Scrapbookers course. It's almost finished now, the next thing will be Journal Your Christmas, but more of that later. I've also got some sheets on the desk from the Makaton course I've been doing for the last couple of days, and yes, I did get the certificate. There are also (should that be are or is?) some minutes for a meeting I have to go to next week. I'd better put them somewhere safe before they got lost under the debris.

Today Shimelle asked us to look back on blog posts from previous years to see what we were doing and if much has changed.
I hadn't been blogging long in November last year so I couldn't go any further back than one year. Last year I was doing yet another (in fact two) of Shimelle's courses. I did the Scrap your Day journal which entailed taking photos on the 25th of each month for a year. Surprise, surprise, my album is still not finished. It looks as though we started in April and I made it through to November! I then started the Journal Your Christmas journal. Guess what, I didn't finish that either. I see a theme here!
Because I was doing SYD journal I'm lucky enough to be able to find some photos to add here. Well, the photos taken on 25th November don't look much different from any photos I would take today. I'm still old and wrinkly, I'm still overweight, heehee I'm even still wearing the same cardigan and coat. The car has changed, twice. I'm still working in the same classroom as I was last year, but I don't spend as much time on the computer. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.

It was clearly colder last year than it is this, here I am taking my hot water bed. I don't think I'll be doing that tonight. It's chilly, but not cold enough for a hot water bottle.

And look at my garden! We haven't had frost like this this year yet. Other than the frost, the garden looks the same. I have some new chicken up in the orchard though. (I laughingly call the top of the garden my orchard - well, I have got four fruit trees)

I've enjoyed comparing last November to this. I wonder if I can remember to do this more often.

So, the next thing, as I mentioned earlier is my Journal Your Christmas album. I'm not sure if to just do it on here rather than make another mini album. My shelf of albums is full and I suppose this is the way to go isn't it? The only thing is I won't be able to add scrapbook pages, unless I learn how to do digital!!!!!

So, dear reader, enough for today. You must be bored to tears by now, heehee.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cybercrop failure

This weekend was cybercrop weekend on UKScrappers, I was really excited and signed up for it as soon as it was announced. However, it was not to be.

A couple of weeks ago my in-laws came to visit and my father-in-law asked if they could come for the weekend of, yes you've guessed, the 13th, 14th, 15th November!! AARRGGHH! He said mother-in-law and I could "do something nice together". Now I love my in-laws dearly, they're the best, but not on cybercrop weekend. I couldn't refuse them and I thought it would be nice for mother-in-law and I to go out somewhere. They arrived at about the time the cybercrop started, so crafting on Friday was evening was out.

Yesterday it was decided we'd go into town, the weather was awful! It was pouring with rain and blowing a gail, lovely day to visit a town with no indoor mall. Lunch was lovely, and we were able to meet up with Little Girl and her boyfriend, but then we were to hit the shops. Mother and father-in-law decided they wanted to go off in their own separate ways, apparently they always do this, so that left me wandering round on my own for two hours. Why wasn't I at home crafting! AARRGGHH! I discovered there was a Christmas craft fair on so I spent about half an hour slowly walking round there, it wasn't very big! So that was Saturday out too.

I did manage to do one layout for the cybercrop after they left today. It's the one at the top of this post. The class was called Time To Go Home and it was, as you can see, a countdown to Christmas. You may remember dear reader that a couple of weeks ago I did a calendar workshop run by Julia and Ally at Scrap Lady Ally had made a lay out for December to countdown to Christmas. As I only had time to do one layout from the cybercrop before the deadline, this one seemed perfect and it would finish off my calendar. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and I used a prize I won at the workshop to make it, so -perfect.

I also did a couple more layouts this evening, they're of my little niece who lives in Los Angeles. I miss her so it was lovely to work with these photos.

Now I need to go over to Shimelle's place to catch up on the Blogging For Scrapbookers course. I'm days behind now.

See you later, dear reader.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Quick blog

I've just found out I'm going to be an Auntie again.
I've got six nieces and four nephews now, I wonder what the new one will be. We haven't got any Daly males yet, so that would be really good.
Goodnight dear reader, just had to tell you the news.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Woohoo! What is on my workdesk this Wednesday?

Isn't she lovely?

On Saturday I went to my local crop and a lovely lady who comes all the way from The Valleys in deepest Wales to crop with us had brought her with her saying she wanted to give her away *gasp*. Well, I couldn't let her become homeless so I had to bring her home with me.
The lovely lady from The Valleys said she'd mistreated my darling by leaving her on the floor of her craft room (guess where she lives now!) She seems very happy on the floor of my craft room and she is even happier when she's on my desk helping me to be creative.
We played for a while then we made some cards together. One was a birthday card for a little girl (which I forgot to photograph) and this one which I think will make a nice Valentines card.
Thank you lovely lady from The Valleys, I'm very happy.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The dress

My little girl has been invited to a party on Saturday night. When I say my little girl, I mean my 17 year old little girl. You know what they're like at that age, they know everything and more. Well, she decided she wanted to go to the party, which is fancy dress by the way, as the 101 Dalmatians - all 101 of them!
Now, she had this idea that she would make a dress, like the one in the picture. She went off to the material shop and bought some Dalmatian print fury fabric, hmmm! Not the best choice maybe. She didn't really think this through as we have a very old sewing machine that doesn't work and she didn't think to buy a pattern.
I thought the project was doomed from the start, but darling daughter wasn't so pessimistic. She found something on the Internet which had a picture of pattern pieces for said dress and I found her with the material spread out on the kitchen floor with pencil marks all over it. Well, she went ahead and cut out the dress pieces and over the last two evenings she has painstakingly sewn, the dress, by hand.
It's not perfect, and we've had a giggle over some of the stitching, but it's done. And I think it looks pretty good. By the way, her friend Beth had made her costume too. Shes a bird.
So, what do I know?

Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

Preparations are underway. I have to be organised this year. My brother and sister-in-law are coming over from America for Christmas.
Last year we went to stay with them in Los Angeles. Christmas there was surprisingly similar to here, apart from the weather. Well, I say that, but it rained on Christmas day so what's new! The picture is of my sister-in-law's tree, it was lovely. It was about seven feet high and decorated beautifully. All the presents were wrapped beautifully too. Everything was in boxes and wrapped with lovely paper and huge bows. Not like mine, just wrapped up really!
My tree is usually about four feet high, I do always have a real tree and I do decorate it in co-ordinating bits and bobs. I like lots of candles and stuff around the place, I have little villages and nativity scenes and the like so the house does look nice - I don't know why I'm worrying really. SIL does go to town on Christmas though so I suppose the pressure's on.
I made my cake a couple of weeks ago, I follow my Mum's tip and I leave the fruit to seep in brandy for days I think I've told you that before. It means the cake is lovely and alcoholic - hic! The puddings are made and I've made three jars of mincemeat ready for the pies.
I've got a few of the presents too, not many but at least it's a start.
When I write it down it sounds as though I've got quite a lot done. That makes me feel better.

I doubt we'll have weather like this when the Americans come over. This photo was taken on Boxing Day when we went up to the mountains. It was a lovely day but blooming cold, Brigid wasn't very impressed with the cold, but loved the snow.

Well, dear reader. That's all for today. I'll update you with my preparations as we go along.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Odd socks and new blogs

Where do all the socks go? All washed, dried and ready to go back upstairs to their owners, but as you see most of the socks don't have friends. Three of the four pairs that have friends belong to me and none of the odd socks belong to me so my socks are friendly!
My Big Girl used to wear odd socks and it used to drive my OCD crazy. I had to hold on to all the socks until their friends came through the wash and I could pair them up. Big Girl went to uni a year ago and now Little Girl has started sending odd socks through the system. I think it's more that the friends get separated in the mayhem that is LGs room rather than her wearing odd socks, but it's starting to drive me mad again.

Anyway, what do you think of the new blog? I've been playing today and found some lovely backgrounds on this site I tried another site, but it wasn't as straight forward as The Background Fairy.
I wanted to practice without changing my blog until I was happy so I hit on the idea of starting a new blog that I could practice on. It meant I could add and delete as much as I wanted without losing anything.
The only problem I have now is that my title is not in the centre of the header and I can't work out how to move it. I'm sure someone on the Blogging for Scrapbookers forum will have a solution.
So dear reader, that's all for today. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Oh my goodness.

What on earth happened to the last post? It didn't look like that when I wrote it or on the preview. I'm sorry.

Day 5 bloggging for Scrapbookers

First, an update on the slipper post from yesterday. I counted the slippers and there's 14 pairs. Look at these beauties, I had a couple of hours to spend in Salisbury yesterday while waiting for my darling daugher and...well...I just had to buy them, they wouldn't let me past the stand until I'd picked them up. Once in my hands, resistance was futile. Heyho!

I'm blogging prompt number 5 today as I didn't have time yesterday.
Mobile verses camera:

I recently went to a wedding and I started taking photos with the camera but realised they were far too dark so I swapped over to my mobile phone camera. See the difference?

My aweful windows make taking photos on my workdesk difficult as they create too much shadow.

All done for today.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 4 - Blogging For Scrapbookers

Today's prompt was to blog about something mundane, everyday, uninteresting (to me). I thought of talking about my hatred of coat hangers, or my annoyance at people who park too close to, or even on the line in the supermarket car park, but I thought we might get a prompt about things that irritate us sometime during this course of prompts, so I'll leave that for now.
I thought I'd tell you about my love of slippers. I mentioned them yesterday in my favourites list, but I'll tell you a bit more about them today.
This photo shows only a few of my slippers, I have at least double this amount - no - more even. I've lost count really. I did think about going upstairs and digging them all out to take a more up to date photo but Mr D is in bed and he would think I'd gone loopy if I started getting them all out. Mr D doesn't understand my obsession with slippers, he's got one pair that he's had since Noah was a lad.
I've always worn slippers, ever since I can remember. Some people never wear them, Mr D's parents don't, odd I think! I like my feet to be cosy and warm, I hate cold feet. If my feet are cold then I can't get warm. As soon as I come into the house I change into my slippers, it's not because I don't want outdoor shoes in the house, I know some people who won't let you in with your shoes on. No, I'm not precious about those sorts of things.
I buy slippers all the time and from all sorts of places, even the supermarket sells slippers now and I always go and stroke them before buying the groceries - oh my goodness, do you know, I didn't even realise I did that until I just wrote it down! I even bought some special Christmas slippers last year, I'll have to get them out again soon as they were put away after New Year.
A while ago we had a crazy footwear day at school and I wore my slippers. Heehee, how fantastic that day was. I went around with a smile on my face the whole day.
Well, dear reader. Maybe you understand a little bit more about me today than you did yesterday, maybe you think I'm a little odder than you did yesterday. I've enjoyed telling you about my wonderful slipper friends, now I'm going up to get ready for bed. I will be putting on one of my cosy pairs of bed socks, but that's another story.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 3 - Blogging for Scrapbookers

Lists! I'm not really one for lists. I make lists, but then I loose them. I always have a shopping list on the go, but I normally get to the supermarket to find the shopping list has been left at home. Ah well!
Today's prompt is to list five favourites:
1. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that my number one favourite would have to be my slippers. I love them, they are so cosy and warm and friendly. I hate having bare feet, I think it's probably because I hate standing on "bits", maybe I just need to vacuum more often!
2. Books - I used to read loads, but when I had my children I found I couldn't settle to reading a book. I could read easy things like magazines, but I couldn't concentrate enough to read a proper book. I've only recently started reading again but I only read autobiographies. My favourite, without a doubt was John Barrowman's book "Anything Goes". Reading it was like having him tell me his story.
3. Flowers - This is a difficult one as I like every flower in my garden when it is at its best. At the moment my favourite is my Mahonia which is just coming into bloom and looks lovely against the backdrop of the lovely red stems of the dogwood. In January when the snowdrops start to brave the weather, they are my favourites, shortly followed a few weeks later by the gorgeous yellow blooms of my daffodils. For three weeks in May my lilac is my favourite, it's fragrance fills the whole garden and makes up for the other 49 weeks when it is fairly bland. Following this, the aquilligia are just amazing, their delicate flowers bobbing about in the breeze never fail to put a smile on my face. For weeks the rudbeccia are just beautiful and stand out so proudly. This year I threw some California Poppy seeds on the garden, the flowers were lovely but didn't last very long - except one plant. It hangs over the terrace and has bloomed for weeks and weeks. I'm sure it won't last much longer as the weather gets wetter and colder, but for the time being it reminds me daily of my much missed family who live in California .
4. It's got to be chocolate! Well, I suppose it would be on most people's list. Cadbury's Dairy Milk is my favourite, but I would eat any chocolate! A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I thought I wouldn't be able to eat chocolate anymore. Of course that wasn't the case, but I think I enjoy chocolate more now than before.
5. My favourite comedian, this has to be Billy Connolly. He makes me laugh out loud even if I'm watching him on television on my own. I've laughed at him for probably forty years now and never get tired of him.
So, dear reader. There is my list of "five" favourites. I suppose I cheated with #3, can I get away with that! :-)


Guess what I've been up to? The Christmas paper is there from a decorated container I made yesterday. I run an after school craft club and we're going to decorated some tins next week. I have twenty in my group and it's been really difficult getting enough containers. Of course I told them that they would each need to bring a container, but only a handful of them have done. Typical.
There's also a birthday card on there, for a friend who's birthday is coming up soon. I won't say when 'cos she'll work out it's for her! The two new punches I bought last week are still there, I've used them quite a lot already, love 'em both.

I haven't been home long so I haven't got round to reading Shimelle's prompt for today so there's a chance I'll be back later with a Blogging For Scrapbookers post.

I've just put two big potatoes in the oven, my darling husband and I are having salmon and jackets for dinner. What's the betting he's home early today!

See you later, dear reader.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 2 - Blogging for Scarapbookers

I'm just home from work and found that the prompt for today is perfect for my post.

Someone I know died yesterday. I hadn't known her very long and I wouldn't say I knew her very well, but the nature of our acquaintance meant that I felt quite close to her. It was such a shock, one minute I saw her sitting on the wall, smiling as she always did and within a couple of hours she had died. It was a very sad day today and I imagine the next few weeks could prove even sadder as she had young children. I will miss her as will everyone who knew her. She was very well liked.

The photo is one I took last Autumn at school, isn't it lovely? On days like this I need something to make me smile and see the beauty in the world.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day one of Blogging for Scrapbookers

So, here we go with day one of Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers course.
As I was at work today I couldn't get the prompts until this evening. I'm completely confused by the first part of the course where we are supposed to learn how to use Google Reader and tabs. I didn't realise Google Reader was already on my computer and lots of info was already there. For instance, all the blogs I follow are there. I've no idea how that has happened. I think I understand about the tabs thing, so that's one good thing. I know I'm almost computer illiterate, but this is ridiculous, the first day and I'm already confused.

Prompt 1
To post a photo and post about our intentions for the next three weeks, what we would like to achieve and why.

The picture I took today was of the prompts I printed off for today.
So, why did I decide to do this course. I'm not really sure, but I hope I can learn something. I've done a couple of Shimelle's courses in the past and I've enjoyed them, but I've never done anything like this before. As I said, I'm not very computer literate, so I'm hoping to learn a bit of the technical side of blogging. In fact it hasn't gone too well so far. When I started this blog it was supposed to be updated daily, hence the name. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at that and sometimes go ages without writing anything. I'd like to use my blog as a diary of sorts, but also as a place to display some of my scrapbook pages. I'm hoping Shimelle's prompts will give me a push in the right direction.

So, I think that's all for today. See you tomorrow dear reader.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Another lovely day and a photo

Here is a photo of the 2 Scrap Ladies -, who did the wonderful workshop I went to yesterday. Don't they look dapper in their posh new shirts?

This is a photo of us trying to decide on which layout to do first. I've got lots of photos but I was unable to resize them today so I'll show them to you later.

My darling Clare came home for lunch today, it was so nice to see her. I miss her so much now she's at university, but I'm extremely proud of her. John cooked a lovely lunch and bought a little cake from Tesco which we had for tea. The only sad part was that Lilly was working so was unable to have lunch with us. That's the problem when the children grow up.
I'm really looking forward to Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers course starting tomorrow. (, unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I'll have to wait until I get home to see what we have to do.
Well, I'm off to bed now as I've got to get up at 6.15 in the morning. See you all later.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Best Day

I have had the best day ever. The calendar workshop I went to today was fantastic. The 2 Scrap Ladies ( had worked really hard to make it such a brilliant day for us.

The calendar we made has a 12 x12 layout for each month of the year and Julia's husband had made lovely magnetic frames for us to display our layouts month after month. Julia and Ally had each put together a 12 layout pack which we could choose from for our calendar. The nice thing was that we didn't have to just choose Julia's or Ally's pack, but we could choose month by month which layout we wanted to pick. I think I ended up with six months from each ladies pack. The layouts were all so lovely, the most difficult thing was choosing which one to do. I haven't had chance to photograph the layouts I did yet, but I'll do that tomorrow and let you see them. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to buy the packs that we didn't do today, so I have another full calendar to make.

Added to that, we were given a Trick ot Treat basket full of sweeties, we had a game of bingo (in which I won another lovely pack of 12 x 12 paper), lunch was provided and was cooked and served by Miss Dunnit's boyfriend's mum, she was brilliant and kept us supplied with drinks and eats all day.

Ah! back to the birthday presents from yesterday. My "big" present from my darling man was a wooden garden bench, just what I wanted. I've no idea where he hid it, he wouldn't tell me. Maybe he's planning on using the place to hide more big presents! I don't think I'll put it out in the garden until next spring, it won't be nice enough to sit out I wouldn't think anyway. My little girl (well, not so little, she's 17!) gave me a lovely watch, it's really funky with an Elma Elephant pattered strap - it hasn't got elephants on it, but it's a coloured patchwork design. It's lovely.
Right, I'm off to do a bit of blog hopping before bed. See you later.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Photos, hopefully!

I tried to put these pictures on here yesterday but I was having computer trouble. Here I go again!
Here are some cards I made using my stamps, copic pens and some techniques I learned from my friends Julia ( and Ally (, they are both brilliant crafters.

These cards were made using images from

Today is my birthday and I'm all alone! "Awe", I here you cry. It would have been nice to have had some company but my inlaws are calling by later to take my out to dinner so that will be nice. Both daughters are off doing their own thing, you know what teenagers are like! My eldest is coming over on Sunday to have lunch with us, she's at uni in Bristol so I don't see her as much as I'd like. Goodness knows when I'll see my youngest. She stayed at a friends last night, going to a party tonight, staying at her boyfriends tomorrow, so I may see her briefly on Sunday when she comes home to get changed for work.
My darling husband gave me a leaf blower/hoover for my birthday so I've been out and cleared the leaves. I'm not sure it's any easier than using the leaf rake, but it shreds them down so I can put them straight on the compost. He said he's got me something else but it was too big to hide in the house so he's going to give it to me later (hmmm!), no idea what that might be, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out - if you're interested.
I went to my local craft shop today where I managed to spend *quite* a lot. Well, it is my birthday, and I am alone! I bought myself a new cutter, there's nothing wrong with the two cutters I have already, but I'm going to an all day workshop tomorrow ( and I really need a 12" cutter, my existing one doesn't fit into my tote as the handle is too long. Well, if I needed an excuse to buy a new cutter, that's all I could come up with. I also bought two border punches and some snowflake nestabilities (I think they're shapeabilities in fact) which I'm just about to try out.
So, I think that's all my ramblings for today. Hopefully I'll have enough energy when I get home tomorrow to tell you about the workshop. Until then, take care.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oh dear.

Well, today I tried to post a picture of some Christmas cards I've made but my computer was playing up and I got frustrated with it. I've just tried to put a slide show of some craft stuff on here and I can't do it. Not having a good blogging day really. Never mind, I'll try again tomorrow. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I remembered! I usually think about WOYWW on about Friday, I must be getting better. Don't hold your breath though, I am on holiday this week.

So, here we have the usually bottle/glass of coke getting nice and flat. My lovely big Asda cup for my coffee. My wonderful Cuttlebug, and what you can just about see on the very right of the picture are the Winter Borders embossing folders that my friend Ally gave me yesterday. I've been trying them out and I must say, they are wonderful. I expect I will be using them quite a lot. You can also see one of the Christmas cards I've made using images from and my copic pens. I will try and take a picture of the cards I have made up to now and post them later.

I'm just about to make my Christmas cake. I've had the fruit soaking in brandy for a few days, so it's nice and plump with the alcohol it's absorbed. I made the puddings yesterday, so I'm getting there.

Right, I must get on. I'll be back later I expect.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

That's better.

I'm not sure what happened to my blog but when I came back to it today it had changed! Eeeek! Anyway, I've done a bit more work on it and I think I'm getting there, I like the blue and pink. Maybe it will be different again tomorrow!
I've found some nice blog templates but I don't know how to get any of them. Maybe I will learn that during Shimelle's course.

Monday, 26 October 2009

More work on the blog.

So. we're getting somewhere now with altering the blog. I've managed quite a few things, but I can't do the "adding a background image" I keep trying but nothing seems to happen. I did remember to save my original layout today though, so all is not lost like it was yesterday. However, the picture I've got at the top doesn't seem to fit the space properly so that may have to be altered.
I'm out tomorrow evening so unless I can do some more work here during the day, it will be Wednesday when I get back on here. Then it will be WOYWW day, maybe I will remember this week.
Till then, goodnight.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Blogging for Scrappers.

Well, I've been fiddling with the instructions from Shimelle for setting up a blog. As I've already got one (!), I thought I'd change it a bit. I'm not sure quite what I've done, I seem to have a picture in the title bit, but nothing much else. I did forget to save the original layout of the blog before starting to fiddle - that was the one thing Shimelle said to remember to do, so I've failed at the first hurdle!

I'm off to bed now, so I'll do some more tomorrow.

Look at these.

Yesterday, my good friend Ally recommended this website to me - , and there are some lovely digital images on there. These are just some that I couldn't resist. I've just spent a wonderful afternoon colouring them in and I'm looking forward to turning them into Christmas cards.

I've got quite a few of my cards done now and when I've cleared the kitchen table I will display them all and take a photo.

I have started to soak the fruit for my Christmas cake and the mixture for the puddings is festering in a bowl to be steamed tomorrow. Hmm, I'm feeling quite organised. LOL

I can't see me getting much else done during this half term holiday, but what better way to spend a few days off than preparing for Christmas.

Lilly and I are going to Reading tomorrow. Lilly wants to buy her friend a birthday present. I may even start looking for some Christmas presents.

Right, I'm off to slob in front of the TV now. I'll watch Top Gear then X-Factor then Doc Martin. Heaven! Maybe I'll have a bar of chocolate too.

Bye, see you again soon.

Friday, 23 October 2009

A New Workshop

Yes, I couldn't resist Shimelle's new workshop, Blogging for Scrapbookers. I'm such a bad blogger and I've no idea how to organise this space so I hope to learn something. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go.

I'm wondering if to finish the Journal Your Christmas workshop that I started last year. I think I got to about the 17th or so. Maybe I will get further this year. I was away last Christmas so it was an ideal opportunity to scrapbook something different, pity I didn't!

Well, I didn't get round to posting my WOYWW pictures, so they're late again, as they are quite often, told you I was a bad blogger.

However, I have been busy. I've stamped lots of Christmas images and this week I've been colouring in. I love colouring in! I don't know if you can see the angel on the top of the Christmas tree, it's a little bear, but it looks like a man with a big black moustache! I think I may have had too much ink on the stamp. I coloured one of the trees green but I think I prefer the white one.

I'll have to get some inspiration for putting the cards together now! I'll post pictures of the finished cards here when I find that inspiration.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Here's my desk today. I'm working on a layout for a teacher I worked with last year. She got married in August and I said I would do a framed layout for her wedding present. I'm having a lovely time working on it. When it's done I'll put it on here.

Not very chatty today as I'm not in the best of moods, but doing to layout is making me feel better.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Sorry this wasn't a WOYWW, I lost the photo while trying to upload it to my computer. Anyway, it's found now so I'm a day late!

I don't know if you can see the small squares on my desk, I cut up a photo into 36 inch squares (inchies) to do a LO at the crop on Saturday. I was ever so careful while cutting them out to keep then in the correct place.

Well, I suppose you can guess what happened, they all got knocked out of place - I've no idea how. It took me about an hour and a half last night to get them back in the right place. They are now all numbered!

This is the picture I used for my inchies. It's a clematis seed head, isn't it beautiful? And here is the clematis in bloom. I'm so lucky having such lovely plants in my garden.

I'm so lucky having such beautiful plants in my garden.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Oh my goodness, would you just look at that mess. The tidiest bit is the part that I actually scrap on.

'scuse me while I put a lasagne in the oven......... OK, done. I almost forgot I was supposed to be cooking tea!

Well, last week I didn't photograph my desk, I went to a wedding instead. Here's a picture of the bride and her friend. Can you believe they're both teachers? They're soooo young.

And here's a picture of himself and me, looking dapper I'm sure you'll agree.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


An unusual item on my desk today. I've been called up for jury service and I've got to fill in and return this form within seven days of receiving it. There's a warning on page one of the form saying that I can be fined £1000 if I don't return it in time or if I give wrong information. That's a really scary thought, if they're that tough before I even get there, What are my two weeks as a juror going to be like? I have loads of "what if" questions so I'm going to get myself worked up into a right old frenzy by October.
Anyway, the form is filled in and in the envelope now, so I'll be off to the post office just as soon as I've finished this post.
You may be able to see on the left of the desk is a small piece of paper. This is a sketch of a LO I intend to do after posting the form off to Her Majesty's Court Service. It's a sketch of a multi photo lay out I'm going to do at the next crop. I need to find a way of doing a lay out with 84 photos on - hmmm! Thinking cap on.
Right, off to the post office now.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


This morning I had my breakfast at my desk. I checked my emails, facebook and played a couple of games while I ate my cereal and drank my coffee. After this I went out into the garden. I have decided I want to do two hours gardening whenever the weather is good enough during the summer holidays. This was day three of this regime and I must say the garden looks better for it already.

After my two hours gardening I had a shower then went to the garden centre to buy a new wheel barrow. I've had my wheel barrow for about eight years now, but it's had a flat tire for about the last six of those! I've tried to get John to blow up the tire, but alas, it's still flat. Anyway I now have a new barrow. It's not a traditional wheel barrow, it's more of a big bucket with a handle and wheels. I'm hoping the weather will be good tomorrow so I can try it out.

I digress. Back to my desk. Yet again, no crafting going on. However there are a few things that will always feature on my desk.

I always have the radio remote control close by because I do like to listen to radio two when I'm working (or playing).

My pad and pen are never far away, you never know when you might need to jot down something. It may even be a sketch for a layout - well you never know!

And usually there's a glass of coke. I like my coke flat and at room temperature, so a glass can sit here for quite a few hours (and if I'm honest, I have been known to put a cover over the top and leave it overnight).

So there's my desk for this WOYWW.