Thursday, 18 December 2008

JYC - Days 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

Here's the next installment of my Journal Your Christmas album. I'm finally catching up a bit.

Day 9 - Wrapping Paper
How much paper do we use at Christmas?

Some years I buy "good" wrapping paper - this year I bought the cheap stuff!!! Well I've had to wrap some things up two or three times as I've put my fingers through it. So that wasn't worth it.

It does seem to be a waste of paper, wrapping everything and then throwing it away on Christmas day.

I always wrap the girls presents in different coloured paper, red for Lilly and blue for Clare. For years they didn't realise this so if they did find presents they didn't know who's they were.

Day 10 - ListsWhy can't I do my Christmas shopping in July when no-one else is doing theirs?

I always leave everything til the last minute then I'm flying around on late night shopping try to match present up with people.

Lists, lists, list.........

I'm not organised enough to make lists for Christmas (or birthdays) but I always receive wish lists from family. This does make it easier when I'm battling with all the other late night shoppers.

At least I don't need to worry about buying food and nibbles this year as we won't be here. I hope poor Angela is not stressing too much.

Day 11 - The Tree

I love a real tree. We always have one, this year however, we don't for the reason I've given before.

I love the smell of a real tree, and they look so pretty too. I always decorate the tree in red, green and gold. Some of the decorations I bought in Germany and they are very pretty.

Last year Peter and Angela gave me a fibre-optic palm tree (it set fire to the socket so we can't have it lit now), it stands inside the front door and reminds me of Los Angeles.

Day 12 - A Very different Christmas
This year our Christmas is going to be quite different I expect. The weather will be warmer. In Los Angeles it will be around 20c, here is will be just above freezing.

I'm not sure what to expect to eat. I think turkey is eaten at Thanksgiving, so it will be too soon after to have it again. I'm not asking, as I sort of want it to be a surprise.

Lilly is keen to go in the pool on Christmas day. I will probably go in with her.

I think most of Angela's family are coming over so that will be quite strange. Apart from Mary, Gene, Sarah, Cameron and Brigid we don't know any of the others.

It will be a very different Christmas.

Day 13 Traditions

You may notice the date tag says day 9. This was originally page 9, but I've altered the order of my journal a bit and didn't take a new picture of the LO!

I don't remember any special traditions when I was young. We always had turkey for Christmas dinner and it still doesn't feel right to have anything else to eat.

Our presents were left at the end of our bed in a pillowcase. We would clammer into Mum and Dad's bed to open our presents.

When Clare and Lilly were young I liked to have Christmas dinner on Christmas eve evening. This meant on Christmas day the girls could eat as much chocolate as they liked and not ruin their appetite. It also meant that I could fill the table with nice things to eat and relax. In recent years we've gone back to having Christmas dinner on Christmas day, but I prefer it the old way.

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