Friday, 5 December 2008

JYC - Day 3 & 4 (and maybe 5!)

Due to "life" I've been unable to put my entries on my blog for a couple of days. I've got a busy weekend ahead so I thought I'd better get on and let you see day three and four of my journal. so here they are.

Day 3 - Christmas Cards

I usually have my cards written and ready to post by the beginning of December. This year I am behind and haven't even written the yet!
I'm thinking of not sending so many cards this year and I may send a donation to a charity instead.
We get cards from people we haven't seen for years and it just seems such a waste of resources.
I will still be thinking of all those people whether I sent cards or not.

Day 4 - Perfect Christmas
Our Christmas 2008 is going to be very different as we will be in Los Angeles.I've never had a warm Christmas really. We spent some Christmas's in Cyprus but I think L.A. may be warmer.The best thing about this Christmas will be spending time with my brother and "new" sister-in-law. I miss them very much and I am looking forward to seeing them very much.
I hope John, Clare and Lilly enjoy the holiday. I'm sure Lilly will, but my biggest wish for this Christmas is that Clare and John enjoy it too.
Day 5 - Advent CalendarOn the 1st December I was surprised by a friend when she gave me this Advent Calendar. It's lovely and each drawer had a small chocolate inside. When the drawers are turned round there will be a picture of a tree revealed.
I don't remember having Advent Calendars when I was small. As I grew up we had a paper calendar with a Nativity scene on and it was much late that I had a calendar with chocolates in!
The girls always have an Advent Calendar and this year I've made them. They have small presents as well as chocolate.

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Jenny said...

Lovely layouts! I know just what you mean about life getting in the way though! We'll all have to hang on in there x