Tuesday, 2 December 2008

JYC - Day 2 - The Weather

As I didn't have time to show you my cover, manifesto and day 1 photos yesterday, here they are:

The Front Cover
I'm not sure I'm very happy with this cover, it has a few smudges and the letters are wonky so it may be changed. For now it will stay though.
My Manifesto
Day 1 - The Decorations
We don't normally put our decorations up until later in December, but this year they're up already due to having family over at the weekend.
I always give Clare and Elizabeth advent calendars and this year is no exception. I've made them this year and put small gifts as well as chocolate in them.
I have two advent parcels from swaps I did on UKScrappers so I'm excited abut that.
The weather today was very cold and icy, more like January or February than December.
Day 2 - The Weather
The Weather is uasually cold and wet at this time of year. I remember snow at Christams when I was young, but not for many years.
This year it is colder than usual - maybe we will have snow this Christmas.
Not for us! We're going to LA for Christmas to visit Peter and Angela, so a lovely warm Christmas. This will be strange for us, but we have our Californian tree up already to get us in the mood.


Calendula said...

Love your snowflakes! Shall be making mine in bed at this rate!! OOps! Too messy!

Jenny said...

Love your pages so far, your snowflakes are really cute! x

SABEE said...

love your pages !!! Love those snow flakes...;

loumaroo said...

Just visiting from JYC and wanted to say great start on your album. It looks wonderful and I love all the journaling. That's my weak point but I'm going to try to do more of it.

ally said...

wow have a fab xmas in the usa

Smarty said...

Lovely pages and lucky you going to LA!

Sandy said...

Love your pages. Love the colors you're using and love your snowflake.