Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I've completed my latest CJ entry, talk about last minute, it's due for posting today! Here it is, the theme was My desert Island and my Three Essential Items. Well the only island I need is my home and the three things that I would hate to be without are my family, my craft room and my garden. Not very original I supposes, but my idea of hell would be to be on a desert island away from home and the people and things I love.
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And another entry from my LA holiday journal.

Day 5
Monday 30th July 07

The Cabin

We’ve borrowed a cabin by Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains for a couple of days.
It was an interesting drive up here, but it was worth it. The lake is beautiful and the cabin in spectacular. There is a boat here but we can’t find the key to start it. This evening the girls, Peter and Angela jumped off the back of the boat and went for a swim, I took photos!
Before leaving this morning I had my nails done and a pedicure at San Dimas Nails.

The Cabin:Lilly and Peter having fun on the boat:

Day 6
Tuesday 31st July 07

On The Boat

This morning the owner of the cabin sent a driver up to us with a key for the boat so we were able to go out today. We pootled around the lake looking at the lovely houses, then moored and had a picnic lunch, it was fabulous.
After lunch we found a little village which we had a look around. The shops had very expensive items in, obviously the people that own these cabins are very rich!
We were going to go out for an evening trip but it got too dark so we didn’t.
We had a barbecue on the veranda and had a lovely evening.


jay670120 said...

your boat pics are brill x

kelly said...

looks so fab bet you had a great time x