Monday, 18 August 2008

Trying again! My daughter is 18 today.

It's Clare's 18th birthday today, where have the years gone? We had a lovely family weekend with 12 guests on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. It was hard work, but well worth the effort and Clare enjoyed herself which was the main thing.
Today we went into Salisbury for lunch, we went to Wagamama's. It was a lovely lunch.

Here's a photo of her with dad and me. You may know from a previous post (Sunday 10th August) that Clare's had an operation on her shoulder recently which is why her arm is in a sling. My sister-in-law made this cake for her. Clare insisted she wanted a dragon cake! My SIL is a very talented cake maker - and does take orders! I'm not sure the photo shows the expression on the dragon's face, he looks very sweet and friendly.

So, now for the next installment of my LA holiday journal.

Day 3
Saturday 28th July 07

A Girlie Day

We were going to visit a small castle in Covina today but Angela wasn’t feeling good so we stayed at home. Peter went diving so us four girls sat in the pool and chatted.
This afternoon Angela felt a little better so we went to the Mall.
Denise, Eric, Sarah, Cameron and Brigid came over this evening for a BBQ.
Lilly and I are getting a bit burned so we’re going to stay covered up tomorrow.

Here's Brigid playing by the pool.

Day 4

Sunday 29th July 07

Rodeo Drive

We had breakfast at the diner this morning and I had a very impressive cup of tea!

After breakfast we went for a walk along Rodeo Drive. We went into quite a lot of the shops and most of the assistants were very nice, especially when the heard we were from England!
Here the girls are enjoying a break from shopping.

We ate at the Mongolian restaurant this evening. It’s an eat as much a you like/can place and the girls enjoy choosing their own ingredients for their dish.


Claire aka Feline said...

I love the cake, he looks so could you eat him lol.

Special day 18 on the 18th...Many Happy Returns Clare :) xxx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Clare!
Gorg Cake !

Shirley said...

Gorgeous Cake and a very Happy Birthday to Claire.
I hope the shoulder is healing well.

Linda Elbourne said...

Happy Birthday Clare X My DD is 21 on Thursday :0) That cake is fabulous X

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Just catching up with all of your news!!
Happy Birthday Claire - love the cake!!
Love your craft room. I only wish mine was as organised!!
I now need to start my holiday scrapbook!

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaw, the wee dragon cake is fantastic - how clever is your sister! Happy Birthday to Claire!