Friday, 15 August 2008

Holiday Journal

I've just been working on my holiday journal - from last years holiday. It's brought back wonderful memories. My daughters and I spent five weeks in LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco visiting my brother and his family during the school holidays. A year ago today we were in San Francisco and went to Alcatraz for the day.

I thought it might be an idea to blog my entries from my journal and show you some of our photos.

Day 1
Thursday 26th July 07

The Flight

We stayed at Jane and John’s overnight before getting the flight from Heathrow at 11.15 this morning.The flight was OK as far as 11 hour flights go!Peter and Angela were at the airport to meet us. It was a long drive back to Covina in the rush hour traffic.When we arrived here we all sat with our feet in the pool – heaven!We went to a lovely Mexican restaurant, Casa Moreno, for dinner. It’s Peter’s favourite restaurant, they serve fab food. When we got back home the girls cashed out and Peter, Angela and I went for a dip in the pool to cool off.I’m exhausted now as I’ve been up for 24 hours - ZZZzzzzzzzzz

This is a photo of the view flying over Greenland taken from the back of the plane. What a fantastic view.

Day 2
Friday 27th July 07


We had a lovely relaxing day by the pool today. We went out to get supplies from the supermarket and went to the sports shop to buy some crocs, which Peter insisted on paying for!!
This evening we went to Covina’s Farmer’s Market and had dinner there. It was lovely, we met Sarah and Brigid there.
Today Sarah brought Brigid and Darien over to play. Brigid is 2 ½ and Darien is a little younger. We all had a fantastic time playing with the new pool toys.
Brigid and Darien are fab kids, they have a lovely time I think. I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Clare and Lilly relaxing by the pool


Debsg said...

Wow. The first picture is amazing. Great update Deb x

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

look forward to seeing more entries! Love that photo of Greenland. I should take more when I fly to bangkok we go over some interesting places like tehran and iraq......Donna x