Thursday, 21 August 2008

Day 10

So, I was supposed to put day 10 with day 9 yesterday, but forgot! So, here's day 10.

Day 10
Saturday 4th August 07

Going Home

We travelled back to Covina today. It was even hotter than it was on the journey to Las Vegas. The thermometer at Baker showed 113 degrees!!!

Before leaving Las Vegas we had a dip in the hotel pool, then we took a ride to see the wedding chapels, they really are very pretty. Angela’s parents were married in Vegas. I wonder if it was at one of these chapels!
In one of the chapels a film crew were there filming, they invited us in to have a look and the actress was bound and gagged, we weren’t sure what sort of film they were making!

It was nice to be “home. After the long hot journey it was very pleasant to cool off in the pool.


jay670120 said...

ummm strange looking film indeed !!!

Inspiration Alley said...

Reading your holiday journal has really brought back some lovely memories of the time we've spent in California and Las Vegas. Made me quite wistful.