Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bad, bad blogger!

I've been a bad, bad blogger. It's over a month since I've updated this. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything, quite the opposite I suppose.

My daughter's been in hospital for an operation on her shoulder, she's OK now but she couldn't do much at first. She's in a sling for six weeks!

It's the school holidays and as we're at home for most of it I decided I'd do some decorating. I've just finished my craft room. This is the colour it was, it's been like this since we first decorated after moving here eleven years ago.

Before it was my craft room, this was the dining room. We're lucky enough to have plenty of rooms downstairs as our house used to be a police station so we moved things round after having the cells converted into a kitchen. That meant that I could have this room as my craft room.

I wanted to paint the walls in a pale cream colour, unfortunately (I suppose) it's a lot brighter yellow than I'd hoped. Now everything's back in, it does look nice and I'm very pleased with it. I will give you a guided tour.

This is my decorated door. I made the banner at a workshop (my friend Julia is a fantastic crafter and does some fab workshops). I had some of the Cds and jigsaw pieces from swaps I did some time ago and some I made myself. Two of the Cds were made for me by my six year old nephews. I wonder if you can pick them out.

This is the newly decorated room. This is my desk area. This room used to be the custody sergeants office and has a big cupboard which is to the left of my desk.

This is the inside of the cupboard! As you see, lots of storage.

This is the area to the right of my desk. Behind the paper storage is a fireplace which we never use.

And this is behind me as I sit at my desk.
I haven't put anything on the walls at the moment, but I've a few things I will put up. It's all too new to go banging nails in! One thing I want to put up is my family tree. I'm researching it at the moment and I think it will look pretty cool written up on one of the walls.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my room.


LadyBug said...

What a fantastic room you have there. you have made a FAB job of it and yellow is lovely and bright.

Mrs_Tiggy said...

Oh well organized! Much better than my craft corner.

kelly said...

love your room! and all that stash im jelous haha

Angela said...

Your room looks great!!

Shirley said...

Great to catch up with what you have been upto.
Love the craftroom, so tidy.
I hope your DD makes a quick and full recovery .

secret scrapbooker said...

Loving the new yellow colour so bright and fresh. It really brings the sunshine in.;0)