Sunday, 24 August 2008

Day 15 & 16

Day 15
Thursday 9th August 07

The Clemi

Yay! They’re here. Shirine, Geoff, Hannah and Naomi arrived this evening. We went to meet them at LAX. The plane landed at 7.40, but it was about 9.30 when they got out of the airport. And by the time they got the car it was 11pm.
When we arrived home we had supper on the patio. It’s lovely to have them here.
Sarah invited us out for coffee this morning. She meets a friend each week and the little ones play together. Brigid, Darien and their friend Tomas kept us amused as usual.
It’s been a lovely day.

Day 16
Friday 10th August 07

Farmer’s Market

We had lunch at Sissler’s today,
This evening we met the Edelmaiers for supper at the farmer’s market in Covina.
Clare, Lilly and Angela bought “Fancy Nancy” hats, they looked lovely. Brigid had her “Fancy Nancy” hat on too.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Day 13 & 14

Day 13
Tuesday 7th August 07

Love Doves

Angela went to work but had to come home early as she wasn’t well. Peter went to collect her, poor girl. Poor Angela spent most of the day in bed, so we relaxed then, later, went to Target.
Angela has some Love Doves nesting in her hanging baskets. They’re so sweet, the parents don’t care that we’re milling about underneath the nest. When we arrived here there were babies in the nest, they’ve now flown and the parents have swapped baskets and are sitting on new eggs. They don’t even mind us taking photos of them.

Day 14
Wednesday 8th August 07


Sarah brought Brigid and Darien round for a swim, they really are very sweet little girls.
Later, Peter and I went shopping to Michaels while the girls went to the cinema. We had a 40% discount voucher from the newspaper so I bought a cropper-hopper. With the discount it cost me $25 (about £13), bargain. I couldn’t decide which one to buy so Peter was taking them all out of the boxes and trundling around the store with them!
We went out to dinner at The Outback with Denise and Eric, delicious food.
Geoff, Shirine and the girls arrive tomorrow, I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Days 11 and 12

Day 11
Sunday 5th August 07

Lazy Day

We were pretty exhausted today after the journey home, so relaxed – guess where! Yes, by the pool. It really is lovely by the pool.
Sarah, Cameron and Brigid came over. It’s always nice to see them.

Day 12
Monday 6th August 07


Angela had to go to work today so Peter took the girls and me shopping. We went to Scrappin’ Good Times, the Scrapbook store in San Dimas. I don’t think it was as well stocked as it was on my last visit, two years ago, but I had my crafting fix anyway.
Denise and Eric came round for supper and I cooked curry.

We wondered if it was hot enough to fry an egg so we had a go. It didn't fry, it just went crinkly.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Day 10

So, I was supposed to put day 10 with day 9 yesterday, but forgot! So, here's day 10.

Day 10
Saturday 4th August 07

Going Home

We travelled back to Covina today. It was even hotter than it was on the journey to Las Vegas. The thermometer at Baker showed 113 degrees!!!

Before leaving Las Vegas we had a dip in the hotel pool, then we took a ride to see the wedding chapels, they really are very pretty. Angela’s parents were married in Vegas. I wonder if it was at one of these chapels!
In one of the chapels a film crew were there filming, they invited us in to have a look and the actress was bound and gagged, we weren’t sure what sort of film they were making!

It was nice to be “home. After the long hot journey it was very pleasant to cool off in the pool.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Day 9 and 10

Day 9
Friday 3rd August 07

Las Vegas

We had a fantastic day today, the temperature was 102 degrees! HOT
Clare and Angela went on the New York New York roller coaster before we walked along the Strip and visited some of the posh hotel – The Belagio, The Paris and Caesar’s Palace.

The New York New York
The BelagioThe Paris
Caesars Palace
We stopped to watch group of Hawaiian dancers in a shopping centre and Lilly was asked to dance with one of them, Tomasi.
Lilly and TomasiWe had dinner at The Paris hotel where we had a delicious eat as much as you can buffet in one of the pretty street caf├ęs.
After dinner we went back to our hotel, the girls went up to the room and Peter, Angela and I had a fantastic time gambling in the casino. We played the 1c machines and were given free cocktails all evening. We spent around 10 – 15 dollars each, which of course we lost, but we had a fabulous couple of hours. I lost about 20 dollars over the couple of days here, but it’s been such fun.
We go back to LA tomorrow, it should be a bit cooler there.

More holiday journal

Day 7
Wednesday 1st August 07

On the Lake

We’ve extended our stay here for another day, it’s so lovely. I think Lilly would spend the rest of the holiday here, by we’re of to Las Vegas tomorrow.
We spent another lovely day on the boat. We had a picnic lunch and swam in the lake
The girls both had a go at driving the boat and really enjoyed it, despite the water-skiers giving Lilly heart attacks.

This evening we took the boat to the village and had supper there. I had fantastic ribs and Lilly had the most enormous dish of seafood pasta.
We will be sorry to leave tomorrow, but we’ve got Las Vegas to look forward to.

Day 8
Thursday 2nd August 07

On To Las Vegas

We left the cabin early this morning to travel to Las Vegas.
The journey was long, but the scenery was interesting and we came across some interesting little places on the way.
We stopped at Peggy Sue’s diner for breakfast. It’s a fantastic place and the owner’s dad showed us around. There are pictures and memorabilia of all the 1950’s stars all over the place.

We also stopped of at the world’s largest thermometer which showed the temperature to be 104 degrees!

We arrived in Las Vegas and after booking into our lovely rooms at the New York New York hotel we had a look around.
Las Vegas is an interesting place, completely different after dark.
We have walked so far along The Strip that our feet ache!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I've completed my latest CJ entry, talk about last minute, it's due for posting today! Here it is, the theme was My desert Island and my Three Essential Items. Well the only island I need is my home and the three things that I would hate to be without are my family, my craft room and my garden. Not very original I supposes, but my idea of hell would be to be on a desert island away from home and the people and things I love.
Left hand page:

Right hand page:
And another entry from my LA holiday journal.

Day 5
Monday 30th July 07

The Cabin

We’ve borrowed a cabin by Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains for a couple of days.
It was an interesting drive up here, but it was worth it. The lake is beautiful and the cabin in spectacular. There is a boat here but we can’t find the key to start it. This evening the girls, Peter and Angela jumped off the back of the boat and went for a swim, I took photos!
Before leaving this morning I had my nails done and a pedicure at San Dimas Nails.

The Cabin:Lilly and Peter having fun on the boat:

Day 6
Tuesday 31st July 07

On The Boat

This morning the owner of the cabin sent a driver up to us with a key for the boat so we were able to go out today. We pootled around the lake looking at the lovely houses, then moored and had a picnic lunch, it was fabulous.
After lunch we found a little village which we had a look around. The shops had very expensive items in, obviously the people that own these cabins are very rich!
We were going to go out for an evening trip but it got too dark so we didn’t.
We had a barbecue on the veranda and had a lovely evening.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Trying again! My daughter is 18 today.

It's Clare's 18th birthday today, where have the years gone? We had a lovely family weekend with 12 guests on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. It was hard work, but well worth the effort and Clare enjoyed herself which was the main thing.
Today we went into Salisbury for lunch, we went to Wagamama's. It was a lovely lunch.

Here's a photo of her with dad and me. You may know from a previous post (Sunday 10th August) that Clare's had an operation on her shoulder recently which is why her arm is in a sling. My sister-in-law made this cake for her. Clare insisted she wanted a dragon cake! My SIL is a very talented cake maker - and does take orders! I'm not sure the photo shows the expression on the dragon's face, he looks very sweet and friendly.

So, now for the next installment of my LA holiday journal.

Day 3
Saturday 28th July 07

A Girlie Day

We were going to visit a small castle in Covina today but Angela wasn’t feeling good so we stayed at home. Peter went diving so us four girls sat in the pool and chatted.
This afternoon Angela felt a little better so we went to the Mall.
Denise, Eric, Sarah, Cameron and Brigid came over this evening for a BBQ.
Lilly and I are getting a bit burned so we’re going to stay covered up tomorrow.

Here's Brigid playing by the pool.

Day 4

Sunday 29th July 07

Rodeo Drive

We had breakfast at the diner this morning and I had a very impressive cup of tea!

After breakfast we went for a walk along Rodeo Drive. We went into quite a lot of the shops and most of the assistants were very nice, especially when the heard we were from England!
Here the girls are enjoying a break from shopping.

We ate at the Mongolian restaurant this evening. It’s an eat as much a you like/can place and the girls enjoy choosing their own ingredients for their dish.

My daughter is eighteen today!

Why isn't this working. I'm going to strat again!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Holiday Journal

I've just been working on my holiday journal - from last years holiday. It's brought back wonderful memories. My daughters and I spent five weeks in LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco visiting my brother and his family during the school holidays. A year ago today we were in San Francisco and went to Alcatraz for the day.

I thought it might be an idea to blog my entries from my journal and show you some of our photos.

Day 1
Thursday 26th July 07

The Flight

We stayed at Jane and John’s overnight before getting the flight from Heathrow at 11.15 this morning.The flight was OK as far as 11 hour flights go!Peter and Angela were at the airport to meet us. It was a long drive back to Covina in the rush hour traffic.When we arrived here we all sat with our feet in the pool – heaven!We went to a lovely Mexican restaurant, Casa Moreno, for dinner. It’s Peter’s favourite restaurant, they serve fab food. When we got back home the girls cashed out and Peter, Angela and I went for a dip in the pool to cool off.I’m exhausted now as I’ve been up for 24 hours - ZZZzzzzzzzzz

This is a photo of the view flying over Greenland taken from the back of the plane. What a fantastic view.

Day 2
Friday 27th July 07


We had a lovely relaxing day by the pool today. We went out to get supplies from the supermarket and went to the sports shop to buy some crocs, which Peter insisted on paying for!!
This evening we went to Covina’s Farmer’s Market and had dinner there. It was lovely, we met Sarah and Brigid there.
Today Sarah brought Brigid and Darien over to play. Brigid is 2 ½ and Darien is a little younger. We all had a fantastic time playing with the new pool toys.
Brigid and Darien are fab kids, they have a lovely time I think. I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Clare and Lilly relaxing by the pool

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another day - another blog

I've been busy crafting since I got my room back together and I'm really enjoying it. I've done my June (yes, I know!) entry of my Scrap Your Day journals. I'm doing a garden one as well as my normal one so I'm way behind. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my July pages done.

Anyway here are the June pages of my garden journal.

And here are the June pages of my SYD journal.

Sorry the photos are not very good. I don't know why my camera wouldn''t focus properly.

I've also done two double lay outs for a journal I'm doing for my daughter to take to uni with her. Most of it is going to be about her school days and friends she made there so I can't really put many of them on here. however here's one I did of all her school photos. It really shows how she's grown up.

I think that's all I've got for today, I'm tired so I think I may have an early night.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bad, bad blogger!

I've been a bad, bad blogger. It's over a month since I've updated this. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything, quite the opposite I suppose.

My daughter's been in hospital for an operation on her shoulder, she's OK now but she couldn't do much at first. She's in a sling for six weeks!

It's the school holidays and as we're at home for most of it I decided I'd do some decorating. I've just finished my craft room. This is the colour it was, it's been like this since we first decorated after moving here eleven years ago.

Before it was my craft room, this was the dining room. We're lucky enough to have plenty of rooms downstairs as our house used to be a police station so we moved things round after having the cells converted into a kitchen. That meant that I could have this room as my craft room.

I wanted to paint the walls in a pale cream colour, unfortunately (I suppose) it's a lot brighter yellow than I'd hoped. Now everything's back in, it does look nice and I'm very pleased with it. I will give you a guided tour.

This is my decorated door. I made the banner at a workshop (my friend Julia is a fantastic crafter and does some fab workshops). I had some of the Cds and jigsaw pieces from swaps I did some time ago and some I made myself. Two of the Cds were made for me by my six year old nephews. I wonder if you can pick them out.

This is the newly decorated room. This is my desk area. This room used to be the custody sergeants office and has a big cupboard which is to the left of my desk.

This is the inside of the cupboard! As you see, lots of storage.

This is the area to the right of my desk. Behind the paper storage is a fireplace which we never use.

And this is behind me as I sit at my desk.
I haven't put anything on the walls at the moment, but I've a few things I will put up. It's all too new to go banging nails in! One thing I want to put up is my family tree. I'm researching it at the moment and I think it will look pretty cool written up on one of the walls.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my room.