Saturday, 14 June 2008

What a day

Just a quick blog this evening as I had to tell you about my day.
We went to London today to attend Mass at Westminster Cathedral. It was a Latin mass celebrated by Cardinal Dario Hoyos who is a senior adviser to the pope. It's the first time a Latin Mass has been held in the cathedral since 1969.

We met up with family and had lunch first, but as we didn't have time for pudding, we went back afterwards and had pudding then. The waitress thought we were mad!

I don't like going to London, too big and busy for me, but as some of our family live there I have to go sometimes. My daughter thinks the hustle and bustle is great - oh to be young!

Well, I said it was a quick blog and that's all for today. Promise to do better next time.


dddeeebbbzzz said...

What a special occasion!
I'm only 20 minutes by train from London and I love to go and visit to do touristy things. Found it more of a strain when I had to go up every day for jury service at the Old Bailey! I hate the underground though and try to avoid it!

Cass said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day and didn't miss out on the pudding!

Cass xxx

kelly said...

Ah i love london only been once to see dirty dancing but i was so taken by it sounds like you had a fab day xx

Linda Elbourne said...

How wonderful .... I would have gone back for pudding too X

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

sounds a great day. We went to London in Feb to see my brother & family and King Tut and all his relatives (more relatives than Tut but dont get me started) - London still has a magic for me!