Monday, 30 June 2008

My Collection

So, I was just about to print of a picture to put in a CJ entry and I realised the printer was out of ink. Of course I always keep spare cartridges, unfortunately the two I have are black. I was sure I had a black and a coloured one!

Anyway, I can't do the entry tonight, so I thought I'd tell you about my collection of slippers instead. Riveting I know, but I do love my slippers. I hate cold feet and I'm not that bothered about shoes, but slippers, ahhhhhhh. I have to have socks on always (unless I'm in LA and the temperature in 40 degrees), and you will never find me walking anywhere barefoot. The other day I had sock on with my crocs, I don't think they're designed to be worn with sock because I kept building up static and giving shocks to all my guests!

The grey slippers at the top right of the picture, I've had since Noah was a lad. They really need throwing out, as do the pink ones at the bottom left, but I can't do it. I've recently thrown two pairs out so it will be a while before I can part with any of the others.

My friend bought me a pair of microwavable slippers for Christmas once, they had a slab of something very heavy in the sole which you took out and popped in the microwave. They were lovely and warm in the winter, but they were very difficult to walk in. The momentum shot them forward when you were walking and they kept flying off! After almost killing myself on the stairs in them I thought they'd better go to the charity shop. I hope some unsuspecting old lady doesn't buy them and break her leg - maybe I should have put them in the bin - hey ho! To late now.

As I write I'm wearing the flowery slippers that I'm wearing in the photo. I wonder if any of you will have the same obsession about your slippers? I wonder if any of you will have read this far!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Another milestone.

Oh my goodness, this is a week for milestones.

First my eldest daughter left school. I can't believe that all those years have passed so quickly. I only seems five minutes since we were looking for a school for her when she was four. We thought you just went off to your local primary school, put her name down and that was it. We got a bit of a shock when we were told they were full and she couldn't have a place. Then started the visits to all the other schools in the area, thankfully we got her into a very nice one. As my husband was in the army at the time, we were soon doing the same thing in a different location. This happened three times during her time at primary school, but we were lucky in that all the schools she went to were very good ones.

Next, as you may have seen in my previous post, it was her Leavers Ball. My eldest doesn't "do" dressing up and make up that often, so we (especially her dad) got a big surprise to see her looking so grown up.
Just an update on the ball, they had a lovely time and took quite a few photos so I will be scrapping those over the next few weeks.

The latest milestone is that she's going on holiday tomorrow (with her boyfriend!!!!!). I've not been apart from either of my girls for more than five days in their lives, and that was when they went on school trips. I'll be a wreck by the time she gets back in ten days time.

I don't think I'm very good at being the mother of teenagers. I'm finding it really difficult to let go. I'm going to have to though, Clare goes off to uni in September.

Friday, 27 June 2008

My daughter's all grown up.

Well, today's the day that Clare left school. She tells me she left school two years ago, but as she went into the 6th form to do A levels, she actually left today. It's the Prom (or Leaver's Ball as they call it) tonight and her dad has just driven off with her and her boyfriend to take them to it. I feel really weepy about it, stupid I know, but I can't help it. Don't they look smart?
Clare's doesn't "do" make up, so her little sister did it for her and got it just right I think. She doesn't look too false.
Can you believe I took 50 photos of her and her bofriend before they left? Actually, as scrappers, you probably can! Here are a couple for you to see.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Manic weekend

What a week it's been. As I've told you my daughter has been in the youth theatre's production of Oliver. They did seven performances, Monday to Saturday evenings with a matinee on Saturday.
Here's a picture of darling daughter as one of the workhouse staff.
And here she is as one of Nancy's friends.
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of her as her main character as Miss Sowerberry the undertaker (there were more girls than boys so they had the Misses Sowerberry instead of Mr and Mrs, it worked very well). The play was really good, I suppose I would say that as Clare's mum, but the audience enjoyed it too. I went to see the play three times and enjoyed it more each time I saw it.
OK, proud mum steps down.

We've had a mad weekend with six guests arriving on Friday evening (four of them sleeping here) another five arrived on Saturday (all slept here!) and a further six arrived on Sunday. We did a BBQ on Sunday for 21, at least John did the cooking! I'm pleased to say that the weather stayed nice, I didn't think it was going to be so sunny. We were able to be outside all day yesterday, so that saved the house. I've been washing sheets all day (between work). Some of our guests went to see Oliver, but the ones arriving Sunday just came for the BBQ. It is my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law's birthdays today so we were celebrating.

Here's a picture of my girls and me enjoying ourselves.

And here's John and I being the "perfect" hosts - not drunk enough in my opinion!

So, I don't think there's anymore to tell you today.

See you all soon.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Just had to tell you. This week my daughter is in a production of Oliver which her drama group is putting on at the Salisbury Playhouse. This is a picture of her as one of the workhouse staff. Her main character is Miss Sowerbury - the undertaker, her and another girl are playing the Misses Sowerbury as they don't have enough boys! She also plays one of Nancy's friends.
The play opened yesterday evening and it was fantastic. I'll try and get some more pictures to bore you with!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

What a day

Just a quick blog this evening as I had to tell you about my day.
We went to London today to attend Mass at Westminster Cathedral. It was a Latin mass celebrated by Cardinal Dario Hoyos who is a senior adviser to the pope. It's the first time a Latin Mass has been held in the cathedral since 1969.

We met up with family and had lunch first, but as we didn't have time for pudding, we went back afterwards and had pudding then. The waitress thought we were mad!

I don't like going to London, too big and busy for me, but as some of our family live there I have to go sometimes. My daughter thinks the hustle and bustle is great - oh to be young!

Well, I said it was a quick blog and that's all for today. Promise to do better next time.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunny Sunday

I can't belive I haven't blogged since Tuesday. I had intended to blog every day and create something every day to show you all. Not doing very well am I?

Well I have created something today. It's been a lovely day here so I spent it in the garden (oh no, not the garden I hear you cry). I spent last summer in LA - it was hard, but it had to be done, so I didn't do much in the garden and it had got a bit out of control. Well, I'm getting it knocked into shape a bit now.
John helped me in this part of the garden as there was a huge bush just behind the Iris (the tall thin leaves in the centre) and it was spreading all over the place. I'd tried to get it out but I couldn't move it so John got it out for me. You may be able to pick out some small yellow flowers there now. I've no idea what they are, I picked them up in the garden centre and when I got home I realised that none of my pots had labels! I'm sure they'll be better than the trifid bush.

I particularly like this area. I weeded it all out and tidied up the lawn edge (the chickens had scratched it all and you couldn't tell where the bed ended and the lawn began. There are some delphiniums in there and I'm hoping the slugs will leave them alone. I'm hoping that on the 25th June all the new plants will be looking good for Shimelle's Scrap Your Day photos.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Wet Tuesday

So, I've not been creative this evening. I've slobbed around watching Trinny and Susannah and blog hopped while watching.

I'm really enjoying reading all your blogs (now I'm presuming someone is actually reading mine!), and is fab seeing all your work. Let's see if I can find an old LO to put on here.
Here's one I did a while ago of my eldest daughter. She looks so grown up. I can't believe she's seventeen and going to university soon. Where does the time go?
And here's one of my youngest daughter modeling a hat I'd made for a challenge. The blossoms had been taken from a bunch of silk flowers and they were just sitting on the brim of the hat. I think my daughter would look good with a plant pot on her head, where as I look awful in hats.

Did I tell you the latest problems I've had with my car? I told you the other day that the power steering had gone. The garage mended that and I collected the car on Thursday. On Friday the alternator went so it had to go back in to have that fixed. I collected it today so, fingers crossed, nothing else will go wrong. It's cost us .........................wait for it...........................£1000 to get it fixed, I can't believe it, it's not worth anything like that. Heyho! that's the way it goes.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Good evening everyone.

Here's a card I made this evening, it's for a lady I work with. I hope she likes it.

I've had a busy old weekend. I went to a lovely workshop yesterday, where the lovely Julia showed us how to make a banner. Mine's going on the door of my workshop. I haven't got it up yet, but I will try to photograph it when I do then I can let you see it.

We've been to London today to my nieces birthday picnic. It was a lovely day, thank goodness the rain held off. There were 26 of us, we set up tables and chairs, picnic rugs and games, we almost took over the local park. It was very civilized, no jelly to be seen thank goodness. I hate jelly! We had Pimms and Gin and Tonic and lots of lovely food. Not your usual three year old's party.

My sister-in-law made the birthday cake. She has recently taken up cake making, and she's brilliant at it. She's looking to give up work soon and concentrate on building up a business. She does take orders if you live in the Warwick area (haha!).

Back to work tomorrow after a week off. I like being off work, I can craft to my hearts content. Lovely. It's a training day tomorrow, so not too bad I suppose. It's a long term this term though, so we'll all be on our knees by the end of July.

My car is broken again. Last week the power steering went and now the alternator is broken. I don't even know what that is, but I know the battery won't charge. It cost us over £700 last week and now it's got to go back to the garage. I have a very nice friend who is going to give me a lift in to work tomorrow, but then I'm not sure what's going to happen.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to sign off my computer and take DH's laptop to bed. I'm going to have a good blog hop, I haven't had time to do much over the last few days, so I will do it now.

See you all in blogland. Goodnight.