Monday, 19 May 2008

My First Blog

Well, I've been thinking of doing this for some time and I've finally taken the punge. Let's hope it goes well, I'm not very technically minded you see.
I'm a cardmaker and scrapbooker (I wish I could stop missing out the "s" at the begining of "scrapbooker", maybe someone's trying to tell me something!). I've been cardmaking for about ten years and scrapbooking for about three years - can it really be three years? Time flies when you're enjoying yourself.
So, today! Not a brilliant one as far as days go, but on the plus side I did you CJ entries. On second thoughts, that could be classed as a good day. OK, a good day. I even tidied my desk which is something that doesn't get done very often.
Let's see if I can show you my desk.

Oh good, that seems to have worked! This is my tidy desk haha! It's not always like this. Maybe one day I'll show you it when I've been working.

Let's see if I can show you a couple of cards. This is one I made for DH's birthday.

And this is one I made using a new stamp I bought recently. Isn't it gorgeous? The stamp I mean, not the card. Although, I do like this card.

Well thanks for reading my first attempt at blogging. I've enjoyed it, I hope you have.

See you soon.




SuzyB said...

Welcome to blogging - have fun :o) x

elliemook said...

Love the chicken stamp! That card is fab x

Tracy'sspace said...

Welcome to blogging! Love the chickens (real ones and the card)

Inspiration Alley said...

Welcome to blogging. Be careful it's addictive. Love the card and have many happy memories of keeping chickens as a child. Often get the urge to keep them again, but have no where to keep them.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Welcome to Blogland! It's a great place to be! Love the chicken card. My nan used to keep chickens!

jo said...

Hello. I love your chickens - I so want some myself!!

Beautifullily said...

Welcome to Blogland!! Yes, that it a very tidy desk and how lovely to be able to gaze out of the window

mandijane said...

Another new blogger....wooohooo welcome to blogsville

Tinkerbelle said...

wecome to blogging.. you will have soo much fun and I am in love with your chickens.. I really want some xx

daydreamer said...

welcome to blogging! its true its addictive! but i tend to look at others & forget to update mine!!
looking forward to seeing more of your work :)