Tuesday, 20 May 2008

More ramblings

Mostly school stuff to ramble about today I'm afraid. I'm doing an after school club at the moment, making a memory album with a group of year 6's of their time at primary school. It's been fun, but I had a whole lot of titles to cut out for them tonight. It's my own fault, the club is on Wednesdays and I leave it until Tuesday to get things ready!

I've also re-done (is that a proper word?) another of my BOM LO's. By chance it was one of my primary school days. I had done the original a couple of years ago and it really wasn't my style now. I much prefer this one.

I'm not sure if I should take old LO's apart as they show my style "then", but I'm reorganising my albums and I don't want something in there that I'm not keen on. So I'm torn really!

More school stuff. My youngest daughter, Lilly, took her ICT GCSE today. It was her first as she's done it a year early. Fingers crossed it's gone OK. She's already got A* for her course work - good girl. My eldest, Clare, goes to uni in September (to study IT - why am I such a comuputer-illiterate when I've got such bright girls?) so we've been sorting out her accomodation form. OMG, how much do they charge for a room? It's almost as much as we're paying for our mortgage!

Thank you if you left a comment yesterday on my first blog, I was thrilled that so many people had commented.

Well, I think it's time for bed. I've been reading blogs for hours tonight, I can see I'm not going to get much else done if I keep this up. LOL


Shirley said...

I am never sure whether to redo pages either but some i feel REALLY need to be done!!!
I hope Lily got on OK today and that you are not made bankrupt by your eldest going to UNI.
Having had 2 girls go through Uni myself I know what you are in fot.
However well worth every penny :)
Good luck with your new blog.

elliemook said...

Fab layout, I know what you mean about wanting to redo layouts. I have kept my first ever layout, its really badly done with a horrid kit from tescos but at least it shows that I've improved! Good luck to both your girls x