Thursday, 22 May 2008

It really is Thurday this time!

This is my creation for today. I was asked about a week ago to make a Ruby Wedding Anniversary card for a collegues parents. There was no rush, I knew exactly what I was going to do. You probably know where this is going! I have to deliver the card tomorrow as it's half term after that, so 6.30 this evening I settled down to do the card. First I discovered I only had a postage stamp sized piece of the vellum I wanted to use, well that shouldn't matter, I was bound to have something else suitable in the stash mountain. No! Nothing! Thankfully, my wonderful friend Julia called in on her way to a workshop at the local craft shop. Phew, I'd forgotten the shop would be open tonight. Julia gave me a lift there and I spent over £8 on supplies (well, to be fair, I will be able to make more cards than just this one which I'm getting paid £2 for!), came home and set to work after having fed the hoards. The upshot is, I've spent over £8 and three and a half hours on this card - I hope she likes it!

So, another evening when I'm posting this just before bedtime. Oh well, next week I will be on holiday so I should be able to post earlier. What do you think the chances are?

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mandijane said...

I often find that my stash spends way exceeds the actual item I'm wanting to create.....I think it's a general scrappers curse....Great card tho :)