Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Early bird

Good morning. For various reasons I didn't get to blog yesterday so I thought I'd do it first thing today. I put together the May pages of my Scrap Your Day album yesterday. Here they are:

My book is an old calendar so it's a different shape to Shimelles, but I like it this size.

I went to a workshop yesterday evening at my local craft shop. I'm very luck that the shop is five minutes walk away (actually, that's not always a good thing, it's probably too accessible!). At the workshop we made a circle album. It was a good workshop, but I thik I was being a it thick about the folding! At the end of the workshop, the lady taking the class gave me some more cirlces she had cut out, so I'm going to practice getting the folds in the right place.

Here's the book I made, it's not finished yet. It needs embellishments and photos.

I think it's stopped raining so I'd better go and feed the girls, they'll not be happy if they have to wait. John put up a fence at the weekend to keep them at the top of the garden (the bit I call the orchard! Well there are four fruit trees up there), but Edith and Victoria can squeeze through. Actually, Victoria just walks underneath, she's a little Pekin so it's no problem for her. I must go and get some chicken wire and put it on the bottom coulple of sections to keep them contained. I really like seeing them wandering about the garden, but the do make a mess. You'd never believe how much poo they can generate! Sorry, too much information.

I'll pop back later for a chat.


Fiona said...

Your May pages are super looking. Love the circle album.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

The circle album looks great, but it does look a bit complicated to make!
May 25th looks good. Love the fact that you've recycled and old calendar.

Jackie said...

wow gorgeous pages, love them

Cass said...

Gorgeous pages.

Cass xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

That circle album looks fab hun X

Beautifullily said...

Great idea to use an old calender for Scrap Your Day, your pages look lovely.

jay670120 said...

may ages look cool.
i want a chicken lol !!!! have no room and dog would go mad.
circle album thing looks fab too x