Friday, 30 May 2008

Busy Friday

Today's been busy, running around after teenagers, shopping, gardening. But I wanted to show you what I created yesterday.
First, my May pages for the "Scrap Your Day" challenge.

I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out, although I could have done with more photos. When I started this challenge I couldn't decide if I should do my journal just about the garden, to see how it changes through the seasons. I went for the other option of scrapping my day in the end.
Since I did the first pages in April, I've thought long and hard and decided to make another album for the garden! So yesterday I made this:
The front cover.

My April Page.
My May Page.
I like the way the lilac blossom looks on the May page. As I didn't have lots of photos (remember when I took the photos I wasn't doing the garden journal), so I printed the lilac picture quite large and used it to make the small squares. Not quite as per Shimelle's prompt, but near enough.

I've been out in the front garden this afternoon doing a bit of clearing. A tree had seeded itself outside my craft room window and was annoying me every time I looked out. It's gone now, so I'm happy. I'm hoping on 25th June I will be able to take some nice photos of the front as well as the back garden.

John put up a fence for me last weekend to keep "the girls" contained in the orchard. Hmmm, it's not working. I'm not sure how they're getting out, but getting out they are! The Brahma's are supposed to be contained by an 18 inch fence as they're so large and I've clipped Edith's wings, but somehow they're escaping. I may have to set up CCTV to see how they're doing it.

OK, I think that's all for today, I'd better go and cook supper, John will be home soon. Take care until we "meet" again.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Early bird

Good morning. For various reasons I didn't get to blog yesterday so I thought I'd do it first thing today. I put together the May pages of my Scrap Your Day album yesterday. Here they are:

My book is an old calendar so it's a different shape to Shimelles, but I like it this size.

I went to a workshop yesterday evening at my local craft shop. I'm very luck that the shop is five minutes walk away (actually, that's not always a good thing, it's probably too accessible!). At the workshop we made a circle album. It was a good workshop, but I thik I was being a it thick about the folding! At the end of the workshop, the lady taking the class gave me some more cirlces she had cut out, so I'm going to practice getting the folds in the right place.

Here's the book I made, it's not finished yet. It needs embellishments and photos.

I think it's stopped raining so I'd better go and feed the girls, they'll not be happy if they have to wait. John put up a fence at the weekend to keep them at the top of the garden (the bit I call the orchard! Well there are four fruit trees up there), but Edith and Victoria can squeeze through. Actually, Victoria just walks underneath, she's a little Pekin so it's no problem for her. I must go and get some chicken wire and put it on the bottom coulple of sections to keep them contained. I really like seeing them wandering about the garden, but the do make a mess. You'd never believe how much poo they can generate! Sorry, too much information.

I'll pop back later for a chat.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Mars on Monday

Here are the cards I made using the images I showed you yesterday, I'm very pleased with them.

This is the stamp I used. As you see it's a Christmas stamp but I think it's too nice just to use just at Christmas.

On the cards, I cut off the Christmassy bits - the hat, holly and the dogs hat (except in the pink card, I forgot!) and used my nice paints to colour them in. Where the hat was, I stuck on jewels, I think it looks as though the girl is sprinkling them on the dog.

What do you think?

When I got up this morning I found out that the Phoenix space craft had landed on Mars, I was so excited I just had to do this LO.

Let me tell you about my relationship with space! It all started in July 1969 when I watched the Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. It was such an exciting thing to watch, we stayed up all night to watch it on the television.

Ever since then, I've had a facination for space travel. It's a sort of love/hate relationship really. Part of my thinks that all those millions could be better spent sorting out the problems we have here, but then again - it's all so exciting!

Three years ago, on a visit to Florida, we spent a day at the Kennedy Space Centre. That was such a fantastic day, if you get the chance, do go. A couple of days after our visit the Mars Reconnaisance orbiter was lauched. I spent ages looking up in the sky to see it. After a couple of days when it couldn't be launched due to bad weather, I did see it sore into the sky. It's giving me goose bumps just thinking about it now. Then nine months later, the news reported that it had made it. Fantastic.

Now you all think I'm totally mad, don't you?

Well, enough of this babbling, I'd better go and make a start on my LO for the Scrap Your Day challenge. See you later.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Soggy Sunday

Here are some of the cards I've made today, the picture if not very good I'm afraid. I decided to have a go (again) at the resist technique, it's ages since I've done that. I was quite pleased with the results.

I've also printed out and painted these images to make some cards with. They may not get finished tonight as I'm tired, but I'll show you them tomorrow if not.

Well, it's the 25th so, like lots of you, I've been snapping away all day for Shimelle's Scrap Your Day challenge. I've taken about 50 photos, so I should have enough to make a nice LO. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my dinner plate, so instead of a nice plate of roast dinner, my photo is of the scraps that were left!

My daughter took the car out for the weekend and rang this morning to ask if we could go and pick her up. When I'd removed my heart from my throat - she told me the power steering had gone and she was having trouble driving. Bless her, not only is she a very new driver (she passed her test about a month ago), she's also waiting for an operation on her shoulder as it keeps popping out of the joint. Thank goodness she was OK.

I've been trying to add some of your blogs onto here so I don't loose them, but I'm doing something wrong. To start with I couldn't get anything to show up, then someone suggested I use blog roll and now I've managed to add a couple from there but when I try to open them I get a blank page. It's obviously far too technical for a numpty like me.

I'd like to thank everyone who has left me messages, I've only had the blog for a few days and it's very encouraging to know someone is reading it.

I'm just listening to Perfect Day by Lou Reed, I love this song.

Well, I'd better go and finish off my cards. See you later.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sunny Saturday

This is the LO I created today using the photos of the horse chestnut tree I posted yesterday. I'm pleased with it. It took me ages to cut out the pattered paper, but I'm happy that I did. It looks much better than it did as block of PP.
Well, I'm off to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. I may be back later.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Fantastic Friday

This beautiful tree is outside my house
Blossom on the tree
And more blossom

There are lots of these trees outside my house, I think they're Horse Chestnuts. I was passing yesterday when I noticed how pretty the blossom looked. I had to take a photo before the blossom dies and it's too late. I only had my mobile phone with me, but I'm really pleased with how well the photos have come out. I will do a LO using the photos tomorrow. Someone told me that there's a disease which is attacking Horse Chestnuts, it would be a shame if these gorgeous trees died.

At last Friday has arrived, it's bad wishing your life away isn't it? But I seem to live from one holiday to the next. I love my job, but I love being at home more. So where do you think I will be spending most of next week? Yes, at my desk. Actually, if the weather is OK I'd like to do some gardening. I love gardening, but I've got arthritis in my hands and I find it too painful to do much gardening these days. Maybe if I do an hour each morning I would be able to knock the garden into shape.

When we moved here my garden was a wasteland really and I worked really hard on it to make it like it is now. I had a builder to build the terrace and the patio, and family came and helped clear the rubbish out, but I did all the actual gardening. I laid all the turf too!! Very hard work, but worth it.

Here's a before shot:

And here's what it's like now:

My daughter has two friends staying tonight so I'd better go and get the living room organised for them to crash out.
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

It really is Thurday this time!

This is my creation for today. I was asked about a week ago to make a Ruby Wedding Anniversary card for a collegues parents. There was no rush, I knew exactly what I was going to do. You probably know where this is going! I have to deliver the card tomorrow as it's half term after that, so 6.30 this evening I settled down to do the card. First I discovered I only had a postage stamp sized piece of the vellum I wanted to use, well that shouldn't matter, I was bound to have something else suitable in the stash mountain. No! Nothing! Thankfully, my wonderful friend Julia called in on her way to a workshop at the local craft shop. Phew, I'd forgotten the shop would be open tonight. Julia gave me a lift there and I spent over £8 on supplies (well, to be fair, I will be able to make more cards than just this one which I'm getting paid £2 for!), came home and set to work after having fed the hoards. The upshot is, I've spent over £8 and three and a half hours on this card - I hope she likes it!

So, another evening when I'm posting this just before bedtime. Oh well, next week I will be on holiday so I should be able to post earlier. What do you think the chances are?


I lived yesterday thinking it was Thursday and posted my blog as though it was Thursday - hence Thoughtful Thursday! I now realise it's Thursday today. Doh!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

Here we are at the end of another day, it seems to take me so long to read other blogs that it's almost bedtime when I get to writing mine. Maybe I'll start doing mine first - there's a thought.

Only two more bed times until the half term holidays begin, hurray! Actually, it's the end of term really, not half term. Since we went onto the six term year I always get confused and still use the old terms. I don't suppose it matters at the end of the day, it's still a HOLIDAY.

I had to go to a governors meeting this evening and then I watched The Apprentice while (what's the phrase?) blopping on the laptop. So no crafting for me this evening. Actually, I was probably crafted out after the after school craft club.

I've only got a few kids who do the club, but they really enjoy making their scrapbooks of their primary school years. They're supposed to leave at 4.15, but I can't get rid of them. I end up having to throw them out so I can come home. It's great to see youngsters getting into scrapbooking though. One of the girls has a real talent for it. While the others are happy to riffle through my craft boxes finding all sorts of inappropriate things to stick on their pages, she really thinks about it and just gets on and does it. Her album looks great and she's the only one who's bothered to bring in photos to scrap. I think she could go places with it if she sticks at it. Ah! there's another thought.

I've been thinking (another one!) about a LO or card to put up here today as I haven't made anything new. So I've decided to show you my pages for Shimelles Scrap Your Day challenge (http://http// on UKS (just in case anyone is reading this who is not a UKSer). Another thought - there must be an easier way of putting that link, maybe someone will advise! Should I put the link in there? Oh well, it's there now.
Here is the first page:
And here is the second page:

It's a fab challenge and I can't wait for Sunday for the next part. I'll have to think (and another thought!) of something interesting to do for my photo shoot.

Well, that's all my thoughts for today, some more tomorrow I expect. I'll try to do mine before getting enthralled by everyone elses blogs. Sleep tight everyone.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

More ramblings

Mostly school stuff to ramble about today I'm afraid. I'm doing an after school club at the moment, making a memory album with a group of year 6's of their time at primary school. It's been fun, but I had a whole lot of titles to cut out for them tonight. It's my own fault, the club is on Wednesdays and I leave it until Tuesday to get things ready!

I've also re-done (is that a proper word?) another of my BOM LO's. By chance it was one of my primary school days. I had done the original a couple of years ago and it really wasn't my style now. I much prefer this one.

I'm not sure if I should take old LO's apart as they show my style "then", but I'm reorganising my albums and I don't want something in there that I'm not keen on. So I'm torn really!

More school stuff. My youngest daughter, Lilly, took her ICT GCSE today. It was her first as she's done it a year early. Fingers crossed it's gone OK. She's already got A* for her course work - good girl. My eldest, Clare, goes to uni in September (to study IT - why am I such a comuputer-illiterate when I've got such bright girls?) so we've been sorting out her accomodation form. OMG, how much do they charge for a room? It's almost as much as we're paying for our mortgage!

Thank you if you left a comment yesterday on my first blog, I was thrilled that so many people had commented.

Well, I think it's time for bed. I've been reading blogs for hours tonight, I can see I'm not going to get much else done if I keep this up. LOL

Monday, 19 May 2008

My First Blog

Well, I've been thinking of doing this for some time and I've finally taken the punge. Let's hope it goes well, I'm not very technically minded you see.
I'm a cardmaker and scrapbooker (I wish I could stop missing out the "s" at the begining of "scrapbooker", maybe someone's trying to tell me something!). I've been cardmaking for about ten years and scrapbooking for about three years - can it really be three years? Time flies when you're enjoying yourself.
So, today! Not a brilliant one as far as days go, but on the plus side I did you CJ entries. On second thoughts, that could be classed as a good day. OK, a good day. I even tidied my desk which is something that doesn't get done very often.
Let's see if I can show you my desk.

Oh good, that seems to have worked! This is my tidy desk haha! It's not always like this. Maybe one day I'll show you it when I've been working.

Let's see if I can show you a couple of cards. This is one I made for DH's birthday.

And this is one I made using a new stamp I bought recently. Isn't it gorgeous? The stamp I mean, not the card. Although, I do like this card.

Well thanks for reading my first attempt at blogging. I've enjoyed it, I hope you have.

See you soon.



My second, first blog!

I think I made some sort of silly mistake posting my first blog, so I'm trying again. If this one works my second post will be my first.

Confused? You will be! Stick with it, I'm new to this.