Saturday, 26 March 2011

Beautiful spring day

It's so nice to be able to get out in this wonderful spring weather. The forecast says it's not going to last so I thought I'd better make the most of it. I went for a lovely walk around my garden this afternoon and took some photos of the wonderful flowers that have bloomed over the past few days.

Photo of the Day

This is a beautiful Lenten Rose, it's such a pretty colour. My garden is very "green" for most of the year and I'm always saying that I will plant more colourful plants but never quite get round to it. At this time of year there is lots of colour. This Lenten Rose, a lovely white Lenten Rose, wonderful bright yellow daffodils, red tulips, pink hyacinths. It really is lovely to see them all. I will record more flowers and plants over the weeks so I have a record of what exactly I do have in my garden.

Card of the Day

I made this card a while ago. I love this stamp and I really like this card, but I'm not sure who I can give it to. I wouldn't want to offend anyone! I'm really missing colouring in.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

That's another story..

Yesterday I had my cast removed. The best thing about that was being able to wash my hands properly for the first time in three weeks, ahhhh, heaven. The funniest thing was finding glitter on my palm! Now, as a crafter I'm used to being covered in glitter, but I've not been able to craft so how did that get there.?

Well, that's another story...

A couple of weeks ago my beautiful daughters were asked to model for some promotional photos for our hairdresser. They loved it. I had a wonderful afternoon watching them have their hair and make up done. They seem so natural in front of the camera, not at all self-conscious. I'm not sure how impressed their father was with the finished product, but I thought they looked amazing. Anyway, the point of the story is the amount of glitter they were covered in. It was everywhere - including inside my plaster cast! I'm still not sure how it got there but as all crafters know, glitter does get everywhere!

So, the cast has gone and I had expected to have been back at work today. However, the doc says there's still lots of healing to do and I have to have another week off work. I don't mind, in fact I love being at home. I don't do boredom, so that's not an issue and even though I can't use my hand much, I can still find things to do. One of the things I've been doing is watching the craft programmes on the TV. I know the object of the programmes is to sell the products they show, but I've loved seeing the demonstrations. That has been frustrating in a way as I can't craft, but I did manage to make one of the cards they showed.

Card of the Day
This is the card I made. I'm very pleased with it as I made it completely with my left hand! I would have like to have put a butterfly on it as the lady on the TV did, but I couldn't cut one out so I had to use a flower instead. It's made from a kit that was included in a magazine I bought so I didn't have to do any cutting. I'm very pleased with the card and it will be my Mother-in-law's Mother's Day card.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


So, here I am at 2.35am. Unable to sleep - again. I know what the problem is, I'm not doing much at the moment so I'm not getting tired. But I am tired, I just can't sleep. How does that work? Well, at least I'm making the most of my insomnia by bringing my blog up to date.

I made a card today, the first I've made for about a month. It's a Mother's Day card for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, I'm not able to use my camera at the moment due to my dicky thumb so I can't show you it yet. I'm very pleased with it, I saw a demonstration on a craft show and thought "I can do that", and I did. I couldn't cut out butterflies (due to my dicky thumb!) so I improvised and used a flower instead.

I will miss the craft shows when I go back to work, most of them are on TV in the mornings and I work in the mornings. Oh well, I'm sure I'll manage. I'm hoping (I think) to go back to work on Thursday after having this plaster off on Wenesday. It will be strange going back again. A couple of years ago I had ot do jury service and had a couple of weeks off when everyone else was in school and I never really got into the term. I suppose there will only be two or three weeks until the Easter holidays so it won't be too bad.

The weather is starting to become very spring-like. It's lovely to see some sun at last, it seems to have been a very long winter. The daffodils in my garden are looking lovely and I noticed that the lilac is starting to shoot again. I was happy to see that my Clematis Elizabeth is starting to shoot again after I cut her back quite severely last year. The weight of the plant had pulled some wires off the wall so I had to be drastic to stop the wires being damaged. I don't expect any flowers this year and the flowers grow on the previous years shoots. Oh well, something to look forward to next year. She grows outside my front door and has the most wonderful scent.

Card Of The Day
I made this card a while ago. The image is the lovely Elizabeth. I used two images and used a weaving technique to make the card. I really like it, I like the weaving and I love the bloom. I'm not sure if this picture shows the weaving very well.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Shoe laces without thumbs.

There's an advert on TV at the moment, I can't remember what it advertises, but it's about what cats would get up to if they had thumbs! No idea what it advertises, but it makes me giggle when I see it. I know how they feel at the moment as I am without the use of a thumb. However, I managed to tie my shoe laces today without they help of my right thumb. It's surprising how you quickly learn how to use other fingers.

I love this card, it's very apt in my life at the moment. I can imagine my chickens all roosting in the evening, getting their knitting out and discussing the events of the day. It also reminds me of my two beautiful girls who have both taken up knitting. It's the funniest sight watching my eighteen and twenty year olds surrounded by wool and needles. The difference nowadays is that they don't buy patterns! They go on the Internet and find patterns - seems odd to me, but that's the way of the world now. My youngest even found instructions on how to knit (or was its crochet?) a coral reef and on the radio the other day they were saying it's possible to get instructions on knitting the royal wedding. My goodness, whatever next!

Sorry the card looks a little squint, it's not in real live, honest.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Three reasons I'm blogging today

Three reasons I'm blogging today.
First, I've just had an operation on my hand and I can't do much else.
Second, we've got a new laptop (new to us anyway) and I wanted to add some of my favourite blogs onto it.
Third, I enjoy it.
As I can type with my left hand (and I'm getting better at using the mouse with it too), this is something I can do to keep busy. Is that reason four?
I haven't blogged or blog-hopped for some time and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be. I love this blog and this one. There are so many good bloggers around. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them! I'm a lazy blogger as you can see by how often I do it.
I read this on Pioneer Woman's blog and thought there were some pretty good tips for new/bad bloggers so maybe I'll try to follow some of the ideas. I don't have a sister, but I got a new Sister-in-law a few years ago and I love her like a sister so I'll pretend I'm talking to her when I'm blogging.
Today I'll talk about the hand. I've had arthritis in my hands for quite a few years, getting progressively worse and it finally reached the stage that the doctors decided to operate. A few days ago I went into hospital for a Trapeziectomy. A small bone was removed from the base of my thumb and a ligament was used to strengthen the joint. I will have my hand in plaster for about three weeks. As it's my right hand all sorts of things are difficult. I won't go into details, I'm sure you can imagine! Anyway, I'm twelve days into recovery and my hand is feeling better daily. I do have to remember not to use it though as it soon reminds my if I do too much. I will need the other hand doing later but then I'll be a new woman. Can't wait to get back to crafting.
Here's a card I made a while ago, it says Thank You for dropping by.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's cold!

This weather is soooooo cold. Strange for the time of year. I suppose as it's freezing and we have had a little bit of snow it must be time for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas. I started blogging my preparations for Christmas and remembering Christmas's past over on My Christmas Journal blog. May see you over there dear reader.

Monday, 11 October 2010

What a day!

Hmm, nothing is ever simple when you have children is it? I say children, mine are eighteen and twenty. Youngest DD is "studying" for A2s at the moment, if only she would study, I suppose at that age life gets in the way of school doesn't it? Maybe all kids should leave school at 15 or 16 and go back to it when they've grown up a bit.

My hands and hip are painful today because I did gardening over the weekend. Never mind, it's worth it to see a pretty garden. It will be pretty when I've finished! Heehee. I went to visit a friend the other day and she has a really pretty garden. She used to live along the street from me and she had a lovely garden then, she's moved now and has a smaller garden but still pretty. My garden doesn't have much colour in it, apart from green. I really must buy some plants which are going to give me more colour. A while ago I did a layout with 100 photos on it and used all photos of my garden. I must have some colourful stuff in there to have that many photos, but it's looking so bland at the moment. Earlier this year I threw some seeds all over the beds in the hope that lots of pretty things would grow, unfortunately I think the chickens must have eaten then as nothing grew. I'll try again next year.